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1st weigh in

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weekly Weigh In' started by b18buf, 23 January 2012 Social URL.

  1. b18buf

    b18buf Full Member

    Went to my first weigh in this morning, lost 2 and a half pounds, and went on a theatre break to london sat and sun and obv had a few off the wagon treats so i think this is pretty good going and im happy, bring on week 2! :)
    Bridie xx
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  3. BlondeGem

    BlondeGem Gold Member

    Woo hoo! Well done, that is great, I bet it's given you a great boost :)
  4. b18buf

    b18buf Full Member

    Hey! Yea im totally ready for round two :) really enjoying it so far, never said that about a weight loss plan b4 lol xx
  5. MrsLisaMarie

    MrsLisaMarie I'm a loser

    Fantastic :) Keep up the good work x
  6. Cheekychoppies

    Cheekychoppies New Member

    Well done, that's great. I hope I do as well tomorrow for my first weigh-in!! xx
  7. b18buf

    b18buf Full Member

    Hey thanks :) really enjoying it, good luck with ur weigh in, let us know how u get on, im sure itl be fine :) xx
  8. Shivy84

    Shivy84 Full Member

    I lost 5.5 lbs in my first week! I made the massive mistake of weighing myself in the middle of the week and had gained 4 lbs, so that disheartened me for a couple of days! But I definitely won't make that mistake again!
  9. b18buf

    b18buf Full Member

    Thats a brill loss! Bet u were so chuffed with that! I know if id have behaved in london i would have done better so im determined to get a bigger loss this week by doing all 7 days, :) well thats the plan anyway lol xx
  10. Cheekychoppies

    Cheekychoppies New Member

    First weigh-in done... Lost 5lbs :) Woohoo!!! Very happy. I am going to miss my meeting next week as I am away on a course so I will need your support if I have had a woopsie! I am so worried about what to eat when I am away for 3 days xx
  11. cydonamc

    cydonamc Full Member

    well done on your first weigh in,, here's to many more:)
  12. Jadeyxx

    Jadeyxx Full Member

    Well done! That's fab :D

    Good luck for your second week

  13. b18buf

    b18buf Full Member

    Thankyou :) looking foward to next weigh in, will take away any doubt that im not doing it right if im sucessful two weeks in a row! Lol, bring it on! :-D xx
  14. Iwant2beasize12

    Iwant2beasize12 Silver Member

    I dont think i did it right this week and havent lost aaagh!people give me tips x congrats on the loss though! :) hope i do just as well x
  15. SWLizzy

    SWLizzy Full Member

    I think the best tips I can give. Is keep reading your book till you make sure you know the plan inside out.
    Make sure you are having plenty of superfree (remember the 1/3 superfree rule)
    Don't guestimate - make sure you are weighing and measuring your HEXs
    Have your syns!
    Drink plenty
    Make sure you aren't hungry.

    I'm sure you'll get the hang of it and good luck xxx
  16. ToniSandy

    ToniSandy Full Member

    Welldone :) xx
  17. TickingEwe92

    TickingEwe92 Full Member

    Well done! :)

    And good luck for week 2!
  18. b18buf

    b18buf Full Member

    2nd weigh in....

    Lost 4 and a half pounds! So got my half a stone award :) so chuffed! Xx
  19. Jadeyxx

    Jadeyxx Full Member

    That's a fantastic loss! Well done :D keep up the good work and bring on week 3!

  20. b18buf

    b18buf Full Member

    Thankyou! Yea bring it on, if i can keep this good work up il be a happy lady! Lol. Xxx
  21. snowwhite85

    snowwhite85 Silver Member

    Well done on your loss! It's my first WI (after the initial one) tomorrow and I'm so nervous, but a bit excited too. Will let you all know how it goes. eeek! :)

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