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1st weigh in

OMG had 1st weigh in on tues & have lost 11lbs!!! what a boost I am so happy.I can't belive how well I feel & have much more energy.This diet is definately the best I'm not even hungry.
On Tues I went to my parents for my Dads b'day,cooked lunch for seven people,& made choc cake!! Not only did I do that but sat at the table & joined in the celebrations with my soup,even not having any alcohol did'nt bother me.Yesterday & today went out to lunch with work & sat eating my bar & really not being bothered. Will this feeling last or does it get harder as the weeks go on?:D:D
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is loving CWP xx
Wow Orchid, what an amazing loss, well done. :0clapper:

I must admit, the first 4 weeks for me were by far the easiest and then for some reason it got harder. It's all about the mind in this game. I am really back in the zone now and feel like I did in the first 4 weeks. Some people though do find it easy all the way through.

Either way, we are here to support you however you are feeling. Feel free to share anything with us on here as we are always happy to help.

Keep up the good work :happy096:
Thanks Becky, I'm on a bit of a high at the moment so I guess the next few weeks may be more challenging.
This forum is the best I've come across you are all so supportive.
You are doing so well x
well done Orchid, I hope I do as well as you at my first weigh in next weds. Today is my first day and I've done ok actually though have to admit I am hungry. Looking forward to that stopping. Did your hunger stop immediately then?
Fantastic loss, well done! :D

It does get harder when you get closer to goal, but it's all in your head really; the slimmer you get, the more you like yourself and so the harder it is to stick to it as you see less reason to lose a bit more weight.....
But don't worry yourself about that, just take each day as it comes for now, that's the best way in my book :)

hellybelly, the hunger usually stops towards the end of the 2nd day (it has each time I have gone into Ketosis anyway), but of course that is only the physical hunger, not the mental "wanting" of f**d.
thanks for that Pete... i'm having a tough first day. Just made my last meal which is thai chicken soup and it smells so bad I really don't want it. Plus I have nothing to blend it with so its all powdery lumps. won't be getting that one again :sigh:


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thanks for that Pete... i'm having a tough first day. Just made my last meal which is thai chicken soup and it smells so bad I really don't want it. Plus I have nothing to blend it with so its all powdery lumps. won't be getting that one again :sigh:
Helly, you absolutely MUST go out and get a stick blender tomorrow - I picked one up for less than a fiver from tesco, they make a difference to all the soups and shakes like you wouldn't believe! Honestly - it will be the best fiver you've ever spent! (Just washing it up 3 times a day will drive you absolutely mad :D)
thanks Lucy I definitely will. Am worried that I won't lose weight as someone told me unless I have all 4 pacs each day that you don't have enough to lose weight (body goes into starvation). Is that true?
What a result Orchid you should be so proud!.
I have tried meal replacement in the past but did not stick with it which I know I should have! hence my visit to this site to try and get back on track.
Once again very well done reading your post is encouraging and a reminder of just how good this diet can be :)
Hi Hellybelly its been a while since I was on meal replacement but I was always told the importance of having all of your meal packs to make sure you get all the vitamins, mineral and essential fats your body needs everyday.
It was the best diet I ever did by far so I am hoping to get on track again.
Good luck :)
Hi Hellybelly.
Don't worry it does get better.I stopped feeling hungry on third day, you must dring enough water though,try the savory drink you should get a couple of free samples from your meetings I find them a god send.Keep focused & remember you will have a great weight loss after a week,good luck x


Making it all add up
Well done Orchid, great loss

Hellybelly, the quick answer is YES, you must have all 4 packs each day or you're not getting 100% of the vitamins & minerals your body needs. Also if you have less than the 500 odd calories in the 4 packs your body will effectively go into 'starvation mode' and rather than burn fat will conserve energy, shutting down as much as possible to survive, so you will stop losing weight.

Stick with it & buy a blender (mine was £3.69 from Argos, and also a 59p measuring jug from Wilkinson) - absolute necessity.

Stay strong
thanks for all the advice and response, I feel so much better this morning. I did have my four packs yesterday but had to throw the thai chilli soup away and have another so I am not one down. Can I buy the packs indivdually do you know? Otherwise I will be one down until next wednesday. I am off to tesco to buy a hand blender right now! Thanks again, I feel great!


is loving CWP xx
I have the tesco one and it tends to have quite a bit of kick back so I have to put a towel around the top of my shaker to stop it going everywhere!!

I would recommend buying the morissons own version (my mum has this one). The end is bigger so it doesn't splash everywhere.
ah thanks Becks, I've just got back from Tesco and got a four quid one but if that doesn't work for me I'll try the morrisons one. Just off to make a mushroom soup now so will let you know! Bet you can't wait lol.;)

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