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What a flying start!!! Well done! I bet it's motivated you to keep going?


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Thats brilliant Mel, thats the great thing about lipotrim, the losses really spur you on and keep you motivated for the next week.


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yeah definately gonna keep it up.....how could I not? lol! Being slim seems so reachable on this diet :D! and to be able to actually see that iv'e lost weight after just 1 week is amazing!! my trousers are real baggy to, fantastic! cant wait for summer :cool: no need to cover up, might be able to get rid of some of these tan lines lol xxx


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Fab loss hun! Enjoy the feeling! Roll on next week.
Congratulations on a fab start! Prepare for all the compliments you will get as the fat melts away.


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Brilliant start for you. Well done !

Head down for another week and another loss.


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:D That's awesome!, you might just hit your first stone next week!

Keep going!


Here we go again!
Well done Mel, 9lbs is a great loss. Keep up the good work and roll on your second weigh in. Good luck!


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great loss - well done :)
Thats great! I'm on day 8, had my first weigh in yesterday and was down 11lbs too! Was delighted but for some reason found i was tempted to scoff, and thinking about food alot which i hadn't been. But it was prob due to work stress. I'm new on this and just looking at peoples losses in general and am confused. I find it hard to understand how on some weeks you might only lose 2 lbs when you could do that with a week of eating healthily in WW? Does Lipo really mess up your metabolism then?


A little of everything!
The thing is- I NEVER lost more than 1-2lbs a week eating healthily like with WW, most weeks I stayed the same!! I've been under the care of a dietician for over 6mths and they couldn't find ANY reason why I wasn't shifting the weight (was eating the right food, in the right amounts, cooked the right way, exercising etc. etc.). Yet after 2wks on LT I'm 11lbs down??
Thanx everyone xxx :thankyou:
Stick with it tracey dacey, 11lb is fantastic, nearly a stone already!!! U would never loose that at ww. Ive done it, (and slimming world), the loss is slow and gradual and easy to give up if ur not seeing the weight come off because it is so gradual, u wont get the big losses like with lipotrim. U need to look at changing ur eating habits for life or no matter wot diet u do or how fast/slow ur metabolism is, the weight will go bak on. There is a clinic in southampton called 'x-avier', they can do a test on you once u r at ur goal weight which tells u how many calories ur body burns in 24 hours, u could then visit a dietician with ur results and get help in building a personal meal plan. This may help you maintain ur weight as it will be completely tailored to ur bodies needs!
If ur hungry and wanting to eat lots, try drinking, drink-drink-drink!!!!!!
I find that fizzy water works best for me, kept cold in the fridge. Good luck xxxx


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Fantastic start! Well done, keep up the good work! x

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