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1st weigh-in!

Hi there!

:scale: I'm going for my first weigh-in at 12pm and I'm really excited!

I've done the diet 100% and have actually enjoyed it! I've been cooking for my daughter and husband most of the week too and it hasn't bothered me. Can't wait to carry on with it this week! :)

:fingerscrossed: Anyway fingers crossed - let's hope I've done ok. As long as my weight has gone down I'm not bothered by how much!
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Good luck

Best of luck suzie . sounds like you have done everything right so will definitly be down . Let us know later. :wavey:


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Hi Suzy,
best of luck for the weigh in, it will be great, just trust in the process.


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There will only be good news if you've stuck to it 100% :)

well done for the determination so far and good luck for your weigh in, bet you're pleased with the result!
Just got back and I've lost 9lb! I'm really chuffed!
It's given me a real boost for next week.
Think I'll have a chocolate shake to celebrate!


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Fantastic! That's a brilliant first week - and fab motivation for week 2.

How have you found week 1?


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Fantastic weight loss Suzysparkle, well done, 9lb WOW!
Thank you! I've actually found the first week quite enjoyable! The week seemed to go really fast. I found it hard trying to drink so much water, but I've tried to build the amount up gradually. I tried a bar on my first day - big mistake! Don't think I'll be having one again just yet. Apart from that it's been great. I've even managed to cook for my little girl and I wasn't tempted to pick at it!

Fingers crossed for next week although I feel really motivated after my weigh-in today!


Wobbley Woo

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Well done Suzy thats fantastic :D


Here we go again!
Well done Suzy that's a great loss.

Really spurs you on to keep going doesn't it? Sounds as though you really do have your head round this diet already. That's great. You will be at your goal in no time, time really does fly on this diet.


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Hey suzy,

well done!

I tried the peanut bar last week and the coconut one today.... YUCK. I had half with a 'frappe' and had to swallow the flapjack like it was a pill... in a huge mouthful of water. Got the rest to look forward to later... not. Think I will make do with half a vanilla 'frappe'.


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:happy036:well done SuzySparkle that's a great 1st WI. You seem to have got your head around LT wich is the main thing. Keep up the great work and good luck for wk2 :D:D


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Brilliant first week, well done!


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Hi Suzysparkle

Not surprised you are dancing....so you should be. Very well done for your fab weight loss...like the others said, you certainly have your head around the diet. You are motivated which helps.

Have a good week and look forward to hearing all about your next WI.


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Well done Suzy!!! Keep up the good work!!! :) xxx


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fantastic weight loss.you must be so pleased.hope all goes well for next week x
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Hi Suzy

FANTASTIC weight loss gal...9lbs wow!!
Good luck for next week and so on. I also find it OK to be around food and cooking for hubby is no problem. It's the only diet that I have been able to manage this.
Keep going ;)

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