1st WI - Thank You Guys


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Hi there guys,

I had my very first WI early this morning and I lost 11 lbs which I am delighted about.

If it weren't for you all (and my supportive hubby), I would have cheated ages ago but your good words kept me going so a bit thank you to you all and here's to another successful week!

Hope you are all doing good today and that spirits are up, sorry but baby is awake now, need to log off.

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I am soooo pleased for you - well done. You really deserve it for persevering through the first week.

Here's to week 2 !!



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woowwww. fabby fabby fab fab well done :D


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thats fantastic great loss, well done :)


S: 15st5lb C: 15st5lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 34.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks guys!

Currently having my very first peanut flapjack for lunch and boy does it taste weird! Sure I can't complain because it's not making gag or anything but it's less than palatable.

On a high note, it is soo good to have something to chew on! I kinda tought that I was gonna lose my teeth for a while, from the lack of chewing action! hi, hi

Tonight is chicken soup on the menu, again I never tried that one so fingers crossed it's not too vile. Pharmacist advised to put some curry powder in it.

Will see sure.
Happy Friday to everyone.


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Hi Nat, well done on your fab weight loss. I have the chicken soup every night. I find it rather nice, but then again I find all the shakes OK. I have put some chilli flakes in the soup just to give it a bit of a kick. xx


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Hey Nat well done - thats the inspiration you need to carry on for the next week :D


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Well done you!!!! It is a lovely feeling when you go for your first weigh in....all the hard times kinda melt into insignificance.

Hope you have a great Wk 2 !!!


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Well done Nat!!! Im so glad you didnt fall off the wagon!!


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Fantastic, that's amazing!
Good luck for next week!


on the up lol
Is a great first wi, well done :)


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Well done woooooo excellent :D

irish molly

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Fan dabby doozy loss this week. You must be so pleased. That will keep you motivated for the coming week. Yep, the flapjacks are a bit cardboardy but tolerable. I cannot take the soup at all!!!!


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Hey, well done but you are right pleased!