2 and a half days in!!


Hi Guys

I need some advice please!! Started LL on Tuesday morning, haven't felt hungry and have been drinking 4+ litres of water a day no problem. Normally they would do my weigh in on day 3 or 4, but because im going to Devon tomorrow morning they want to weigh me today. I don't feel like i've lost any weight and i dont want to have my confidence in the diet knocked.

Do you think i should just get weighed and ask them not to tell me or should i find out if i have lost?? x
Hi hun
I started on a Fri morning & had my first pop in on the Sun morning - I'd lost 5lbs, I was 14st 2lbs to start!!!!!! I'd give it a go, all my other group had also lost as well anything from 3 - 8lbs xxx
Thanks, just didn't want to be upset if i hadn't lost any- did you feel like you hadn't lost any before you got weighed?
Probably not - if I'm really honest, it was great to see that I was in ketosis etc & that I was doing things properly. I think the fact that your fluid increase has probably been raised significantly means you feel as you were, specially only after a couple of days.
But as I said I started Fri am & went for my pop in at 10am Sun so thats fri, sat so I'd only been doing it 48hrs.
Let us know how you do hun xxx
I panic every week and am sure that for some strange reason that I won't have lost. :eek:

I always have lost but it doesn't stop the panic again next time :)