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2 Shakes?

Your supposed to drink them within 15 mins to get all the vita a minerals.
u cant have two. u'd be starving ur body of important nutrients. u dont need to worry about calories... u are already have such less amount of calories. dont do this coz u will make urself ill... and it definitely wont make u lose more.
The three shakes are calculated to give you the smallest amount of calories and still keep you healthy. If you only have two you won't lose more weight but you might get ill. If you have less than the recommended minimum then your body will panic and it might actually stop you losing weight as quick.
I once only had 2 shakes as I went for a meal (had the right amount of chicken for a ss+ day nothing more) I didn't have a great loss and my CDC said it was because I skipped a shake! U need 3 so ur body doesn't go into starvation and store water, iv never missed a shake since and have an average of 5lbs a week :) hope this helps x
i've been reading the book written by the doctor who created Cambridge, and original trials to speed weightloss in obese patients, conducted in hospital, involved zero calories - just a drip containing vitamins etc. but there was a serious side effect - death - and average weightloss was exactly the same as it is on SS (3-4.5lb a week).

what he discovered was that we need a certain amount of protein, carbs and fats to keep us going - specifically, to keep your muscles, including your heart muscle, from wasting away to a dangerous extent. if you have three cambridge packs a day, you are having the minimum required to keep you alive and healthy. if you have less, your body will begin to shut down functions (such as hair growth), but more worryingly, your body will use the tissue of your organs, including your heart, for fuel to such an extent that it may stop working.

I know you want to lose more than a stone a month - and you might do that - but the fastest way is by sticking to SS 100%. keep up any exercise you're currently doing, but don't do any extra or your weightloss might stall.
Thats really interesting spangles, what is the book called?

I love the science behind things!


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I've done 2 shakes & an SS+ meal before as I was stuck away from home without my 3rd shake - I have never felt so bad as my body wasn't getting all the nutrients it needs,

You must have all 3 shakes unless you go up to step 4 when you start replacing the 3rd shake for a meal including a small amount of carbs.
Thats really interesting spangles, what is the book called?

I love the science behind things!
it's called

the Cambridge Diet
by Dr Alan N Howard

it's out of print but you can get it from amazon or abebooks secondhand. There's a 1986 edition, or it was updated in 2004. I paid a tenner for the newer version, which was too extravagant, really - it's quite a slim volume (163pp).
yep - good to know. I have on occasions had 2 shakes in a day...but this has not made my weight loss increase - we're told three for a reason i guess!

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