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2 stone in 10 week challenge

Discussion in 'Slimming World Teams & Challenges' started by caroline1985, 26 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. caroline1985

    caroline1985 Full Member

    hello all you ladies and gents do any of you want to join me in my new challenge I want to loose 2 stone in 10 weeks. X
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  3. Sammie88

    Sammie88 Full Member

    I would like to join you please

    I joined slimming world in January but it's coming off REALLY slowly so I'm back on minimins for some extra support and to help me find my will power again!
  4. Sammie88

    Sammie88 Full Member

    So I am officially starting the challenge from Tuesday when I have my next weigh in then my challenge will end 17th June and I go on holiday 27th June
  5. JammyDodger

    JammyDodger Member

    I'll give it a good old go, i'm 1 Stone 13.5lb off target weight now and seriously looking for that extra bit of motivation.
  6. girlgetsfit

    girlgetsfit Full Member

    Hi there (waves)
    I'd like to join this challenge. I've loads to lose but my weight loss has been slower than I'd like - down to staying power issues! I am weighing tomorrow and have had a good week but trying to claw back a lapse the week before iykwim! Really want to embrace the plan fully to get the results I want and see the weight shifting. Like you sammy88 I'm back on minimins for inspiration too!
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