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2 year old boys birthday present ideas please

big bear

A bear on a mission!
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Ok I've got a 2 year boy so you'd think I'd know but I've absolutely no imagination...

My sons wee friend is 2 on Sunday & we want to buy him a present up to the cost of £15.

He got my son a potato head for Christmas & a set of 4 books for his birthday.

They are really lovely presents & I want to get something equally as nice with some thought put into it. So any ideas please?

I can go to any of the big supermarkets, Toys R Us etc..
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I was thinking a Mr Potato Head until I read the whole post! They are such great presents :)

What about a character outfit? Practical as you can't always be sure exactly what toys they already have/will be getting but fun if you get something with Bob, Thomas, Pat etc (whichever he likes!) on it?

Failing that I'd buy a DVD of something he'll enjoy. Maybe Toy Story or a Disney film? That way Mum can use it for special occasions or a chance to do some housework?

I have two boys 2 & 3 and I'm always happy for them to have a DVD or clothes as I don't have to worry about where on earth I'm going to put them!

Or if you want to go the toy route maybe some play food? He can play house or chef with it whilst learning all th colours and names of the food?


The Big One
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My son is 2 next week and he is really into his sets of lego. I've got loads coming his way and can't wait! The lego duplo starts at about 18 months, the first thing he got was this: LEGO DUPLO LEGOVille 5603 Fire Chief: Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games
which he really took to. If you search on Amazon you can see loads of stuff in the same range and it's always stocked in the Entertainer and similar toy shops too.

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
Thanks for the ideas.

I was thinking of the play food & a cash register...as my son got play food & a shopping bag & he loved it.

My H says a barrel of play-doh it's in Toys R Us for £12.99...

Decisions, decisions..
I always cursed when people bought my daughter toys when she was little as she ended up with so much. If they have parties where a fair few people go and they all take presents the little one can end up with so much they don't know what to do with it!

Books are always wonderful, in my opinion - especially educational/fun type books.

It is difficult knowing what they have got though.

When I bought (and still buy) for my daughter's friends, I ask myself "would I like it if someone bought it for her". If the answer was no, I didn't do it.

I just wish others had done that (gosh that makes me sound ungrateful, I'm not!)
That's exactly how I feel too Jaylou - hence why I suggested clothes or a DVD.

I hate feeling like that though because you do feel ungrateful but it's just so overwhelming for them and us and also causes soo much stress when you are always worrying what to do with it once it's in the house!

As you can imagine having two boys just 13 months apart my house looks like the whole of Toys R Us and hardly any of it is from my husband and I!

BigBear - Play Doh is goodfun but personally (and I know this makes me sound awful!) I don't like it so my boys don't have it as you need to watch like a hawk and is only suitable for 100% supervised play as the one time they played with it and I turned my back I ended up with dark green splatted onto my beige dining room carpet and I can't remove the stain :(

BUT that said it is a good option for something to play with WITH children when you have the time :)

Good luck!
Yeah, no-one thanks you for the gift of play-doh - trust me. Of course, the kids love it, but its such a pain in the backside to deal with.

The moon dough stuff is marginally better but i think too young for two.

Books are always good.
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I got my cousins boy a helium balloon with bob the builder or someone on it when he was 2-he LOVED IT! She had to sneak it out of the house 4 months later when it deflated!

Obviously would only be part of the present. I think books are always good too
I love The Very Hungry Caterpillar! At 25! LOL

The very first book we bought our first baby :)

I'd defintely go with a helium balloon - both my boys go mental for them and they generally last for weeks if they're sealed correctly!

Hours of fun - just make sure the ribbon doesn't end up around a neck! I've lost count the number of times I had to detangle my two!

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