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20 Kilograms in 20weeks.

My name is Crystal I am 20yrs old and I had a baby boy in june. Which allowed me to gain 20-30 kilograms.

I have begun my weight loss challange today, I am aiming to loose 20 kilograms (just over 40 pounds) in 20 weeks.

I have done Celebrity Slim before and i had loss 8 kilograms in 5 weeks however over xmas and new years I happened to gain 5 kilos back. I am now ready to start and I dont plan to stop until i have reached my goal.

Ultimately I want to loose 25 kilograms but to begin with I would be happy with 20 in 20 :)

I wish everyone luck in there journey, and I would love to find some ppl to keep in contact with through my challange.
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hey crystal and welcome to mini's. good luck on your challenege :)

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Hey and welcome :) Dunno if it helps but 18 months ago I lost 50lb (I'm guessing around 25kg) in 12 weeks so you should definitely do it in 20 weeks or less :)
WOW!! Great work. That definately makes me feel so confident about my goal!!

I have a problem tho of when I break I tend to just give up!!

I need to learn to just start straight back up and continue!!

=] Thanks for your reply !!


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Hey Crystal,

Good luck on your weight loss journey. What diet are you going to be following?


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i think you will do that easily less than 10 weeks! good luck!
Im doing Celebrity Slim.

I find it easy to follow and best suits my lifestyle.

But I would be interested after I have completed my challange to try Body Trim, just to loose an extra 5 kilograms!


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Hiya and welcome aboard!!

Best of luck !!
welcome and good luck in your mission! you'll do it easy!
Thanks for the encouragement! I have decided not to weigh myself for 5weeks. I think this should keep me more motivated. I tend to get ahead of myself with my acheivements and break so I am hoping this will help me out !!! I look forward to 5 weeks away and hoping I am at least 5 kilos lighter!


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Good luck with it! You'll do it no prob. I wish I had the restraint not to weigh myself as often as I do!
Hi Crystal, I have asked Admin to move this into the Celebrity Slim section for you.

You sound very determined hun and your weight loss goal is very achievable, good luck x
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Hi Crystal, good luck in your quest I too am a re-starter having lost 50lb before Xmas now 19 back on so lets do it together but I know I cannot resist weighing every week!!

H xXx


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Crystal, HI!!!! I'm on my second week of CS, was on CD ages ago. I REALLY like this & the ppl I've met on here are so supportive & helpful.
Sorry I didn really know how to work this!!

Thanks, I decided to throw my scales out cause they say you are 15 kilos lighter then you really are! And i just intend not to buy new ones for e5 weeks!!

Hopefully it all works out!


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Yeah you do lose fast, in a couple of weeks you should notice clothes getting loose. I take it baby is on the bottle as you know you can't do this & breastfeed? (sorry to sound bossy, lol)

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