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2010 Achievements

Wow a good one hun...
Ok well mine was to decide it was time to take control of my weight in at the end of June and of course I now have the achievement of losing 4st 2lbs since then ....
Able not to binge eat and get my head round any blips without chucking the whole diet away
Good post! Will motivate us all not to undo all the hard work (hopefully;)).

I'd only ever done one diet successfully (or even seriously) which was WW 7 years ago after having daughter when I put on weight breastfeeding (which is weird as I couldn't keep it on with the eldest). I lost weight easily on that diet - and put it all back on easily when my Mum became ill (again) - stress makes me gain weight no matter what I eat. Had tried (half-heartedly a couple of times) since then but not seriously and never managed to cut out cheese/chocolate which were generally the only 'bad' things about my diet.

So, achievements - lost weight and plan to keep it off (9.5 kilos). I can now eat one piece of cheese per day and not go back to the fridge for more/polish off the camembert that's on the table! I haven't yet succumbed to the temptation of chocolate (except when I was bought a crunchie - but I didn't enjoy that) and think my taste buds have changed as I'm not bothered by it or the idea of it. Have got over the sugar cravings I used to get when hormones were wild! So I think my taste buds have changed. I certainly can't eat carbs like I used to which can only be a good thing - it will be small portions from now and even then not a daily occurence.

Here's hoping that after Dukan, none of us will have to embark on a diet ever again! Best of luck to all the Dukanners for the festive season and on into next year!
I always put on weight breast feeding, and i even tandem fed at one stage
I decided it was time to lose weight a bit over a year ago and did manage to lose about 8kg through healthy eating and excercise but as soon as we went on holidays last Christmas i forgot to take my thyroid medication for 3 days and put on 5kg in less than a week!!! After that happened i lost motivation big time and managed to put on all of the weight plus some.

Then in July i decided to do something about it again and saw the dukan diet on a current affair program and never looked back. It took just 14 or 15 weeks to lose 17kgs and i have kept it off since october. I hit my target weight when dr dukan said i would (and i drank once a week on the diet) and i have never been on an easier more effective diet in my life. To anyone thinking of giving it a go, do it, you wont regret it.


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My diet achievement this year:

Completed my first ever proper diet since I was a teenager, reached my target and managed to stick with it so far, I am lighter than I was at age 18.

Turning 40 in Feb I decided it was time to do something, post 2 kids... after that I was stable at 10+ kg overweight (and the 15 years before!). I was wondering about online slimming clubs, but the cost put me off, though it might also have been a motivating factor to keep going had I gone and joined one. The right trigger didn't come along till early summer when I read about Dukan in that press campaign that coincided with the English edition of the book coming out. Bought be book, found you nice people on MiniMins here and I've never looked back ;-)


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Lovely to read you all...

Nothing positive in 2010 to report...

but careful.

2011 is gonna be MY year!
Ah Jo, you've had some success in digging around your issues, even if its not all resolved and in progress yet.

For me its been the first diet I've taken seriously in a decade, I've lost over 50lbs and am hopeful that next year I'll be able to see it through.

I eat meals. I'm not binging. I'm saving cash bringing lunch to work ;)

Although I'm off track right now I'm confident that 2011 will see me back in a healthy weight range.

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