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  1. Clairexo123

    Clairexo123 Full Member


    I start a new diary at the beginning of every year - this time I have never been as low in weight as I am now. I am normally around 11st when I normally start but I before Xmas I have got down to 10.4 - so my starting weight today is 10.4. I would like to get down to 9.3 if possible.

    Not much of a breakfast fan to be honest - usually just a cup of tea. Started drinking more water though instead of all my usual diet cokes! I'm addicted to it.

    Todays menu 03.1.14

    Breakfast - Cup of tea
    Lunch - bachelor's broccoli and Cauliflower cup of soupSnack - 21 special K Sweet Chilli crisps

    Not sure on tea till get home.
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  3. lauralozzle

    lauralozzle Full Member

    Hi Claire. Here to subscribe :)
  4. BerryBerry

    BerryBerry Silver Member

    Hi Claire, good luck :) I'm not a breakfast person either. Well done on kicking the diet cokes! I managed to get rid of them last year and feel sooo much better for it.
  5. Clairexo123

    Clairexo123 Full Member


    So weekend not been to bad really except from Cantonese on Friday night and Chinese Sat night! Oops. But yesterday hardly ate anything as was extreeeemely busy. Didn't count calories but doubt I will of even ate 600 calories only had a packet of cheese and onion crisps and ham sandwich for tea in a warburtons thins thing. And also did a 10 mile bike ride so not to bad but need to cut the takeaways out!

    Today back on track didn't weigh myself will tomorrow I think. Started green teas too today - going to try have at least 3 a day!

    Thanks for your support :)

    Post again tomorrow xxx
  6. Clairexo123

    Clairexo123 Full Member

    Morning everyone!

    Still sticking at it! Weighed this morning and was 10.3 so that's 1lb down.

    Went to Zumba last night which was good! - I feel a lot healthier the past few days after ditching the coke and drinking water and green tea instead of normal tea.

    Going to try not weigh till Monday then hopefully I will see a better difference!!!
  7. lauralozzle

    lauralozzle Full Member

    That's fantastic! :)
  8. Clairexo123

    Clairexo123 Full Member

    crap crap crap! Weekends are so hard!

    2 takeaways, mcdonalds breakfast and a café breakfast! Back on track today!
  9. BerryBerry

    BerryBerry Silver Member

    I struggle at weekends too!! As long as you get back on the healthy eating wagon for the week, its not a disaster:)
  10. Clairexo123

    Clairexo123 Full Member

    Hi Everyone!

    So still sticking to my diet - weighed this morning and I was 65.1kg (10.3) my scales weigh in kg so I will just put on how many kg I am instead of converting every time. I want to get to 60kg which is 9.6 so I have about 5kg to go.

    Went to Zumba last night which was fun - then brownies tonight so no exercise and going to the gym with a few lads from work tomorrow for 'leg day' I have seen people rave about 'leg day' and how hard it is so was just curious. Obviously the lads are going to get massive legs whereas I want mine to shrink so probably not much use me going but I'm sure it will help me tone!

    Struggling to get 1200 calories in a day when I have my exercise. Last week my calories have literally been about 600 a day. Due to not eating breakfast then busy at work so just forget about food then, cup a soup for dinner and then been having a stir fry for tea with a roasted veg pack from morrisons which the full pack has about 60calories but they are cheap and low in calories so that's why I have been having them - and I LOVE them! So this week started forcing myself to have a slim fast milkshake on a morning to give me an extra 230calories today!

    So maybe this week will be better :) fingers crossed.
  11. Clairexo123

    Clairexo123 Full Member

    Hello everyone!

    Finally got back on track today. It was my birthday on Sunday so the past 3 days has been filled with cake and sweets.

    Weighed this morning to get me going and was 64.8kg. Having a bit of a detox day – not proper detox but just had a vanilla slim fast milkshake for breakfast. Just going to have green tea instead of normal tea and water. For lunch I will have a slim a soup and tea will most probably roasted veggies! I thought the if I just stuck to this for today it might give my weight loss a quick boost. Went to Zumba last night and just felt absolutely **** and just couldn’t be bothered at all.

    Anyway have a good day!
  12. Clairexo123

    Clairexo123 Full Member

    Can not get my head back into it!

    Need inspiration!
  13. Clairexo123

    Clairexo123 Full Member

    Hello everyone.

    Not been on here for ages - I have been stuck to it though well during the week anyway, weekends are always right offs! I am weighing in stone and lbs again and I'm 10.2 like always well think I was 10.3 on here last time but I do really well during the week then on a weekend scoff my face and im back up to 10.2 once AGAIN!

    I cant get away from it - I want to see the nines so much and its only 3 lbs :-(!!! I really am trying and that's the annoying thing. I am doing Zumba once a week and a body blast thing once a week and then Gym twice a week! and eating 1200 calories a day drink around 2 litres of water too and I look no different and the scales are saying no different!
  14. juliea64

    juliea64 Member

    Hi Clairexo123

    i know it's hard, last year I lost 1stone 2lb and some weeks I would not lose any weight, but what I did find helpful was to change my gym work around, you said that you go to the gym twice a week, try some different equipment. Swap things around. Hope this will help you

    good luck and stay positive.
  15. Clairexo123

    Clairexo123 Full Member

    Hi Everyone! thanks for you advise Julie.

    Still at 10.2 :-( - a few people have said to me that I might not be loosing the weight but could be loosing the inches so this morning I took my measurements:-

    Waist - 31"
    Belly - 35"
    Bum - 38"
    Leg - 21.5"

    So we will see if this changes in the up-coming weeks!!!
  16. juliea64

    juliea64 Member

    Hi Claire, you could be losing inches it's a good to keep an eye on them, also you may find in a couple of weeks you may have a massive weight loss, that can also happen. I find that if I eat lots of different foods ( healthy ones) my body likes a change. Good luck and let me know how you are doing. I lost a lot of weight last year and got down to 8st 10lb but then I went on a cruise followed by christmas, then it's been birthday celebrations ( it's been my big one ) so I have put some weight on and I'm trying to lose it. Good luck :)

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