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Extra Easy :(

Had an awful week & weekend been off plan & had a few personal issues to deal with feeling so huge & sloth like from eating rubbish! wish I could take it all back! only 1 1/2 lb till my stone and I have completely lost my motivation want it all back now to get my 3 stone off:( going to face the facts & weigh tomorrow and hopefully get the kick up the backside I need.. Anyone else feeling the same way?
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me too!! :( really feeling it at mo! ive just ended my ww on line subscription cause i wasnt following it, but ive kinda got my motivation back im gonna re join slimming world and try (fingers crossed) to really go for it this time! been doing a new job at work and i cant stop eating...its the stress me thinks... gotta deal with it cause i want the job! :) so i know exactly how your feeling!! chin up tomorra is another day :)


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me too i have been off plan for over a week and i can really feel it. My tummy was going down now its sticking out again and overall i feel very sad that i am sabotaging my weightloss but i just cant seem to get any motivation. But i have promised myself i will start again properly 2moro so that i can lose some of the weight i have gained x


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Me too. I have had a few off days lately where I've binged on rubbish, but I am trying to make sure I eat filling foods for my main meals and drink more water. That way I am less inclined to pick because I physically haven't the room too lol. For example for lunch I just had a lovely large plate of food and only 1/2 a syn... I am doing EE and had a banana for brekkie as I was going out this morning so for lunch

1 medium baked potatoe topped with 2 laughing cow (1/2 hexa) boiled egg, topped with cress and 1/2 tbsp tesco extra light mayo (so not even 1/2 syn), peppers, tomatoes, grapes, cucumber, lettuce, and 4 lean slices of pastrami....
Hayley, that is exactly how I felt last week! By coincidence, I too was only 1.5lb's off my first stone, and yet totally blew it and had a 4.5lb's gain :( I too have had some personal stuff going on and was feeling very depressed, hence some comfort eating. It was awful as the week went on - the trousers which have been looking very baggy recently were suddenly fitting snugly around the waist again, which was terribly depressing to feel :( Over the weekend I eased myself back into it slowly, made sure I was good at meals but let go more during evening snacking. I think this helped me, having a day or 2 of gently pushing myself back into the regime rather than strictly forcing myself back onto plan. Subsequently I feel much more positive today and am definately back in the right mindset.

I would advise not looking at what you already have/haven't achieved but wipe the slate clean and set a mini goal to help fire up your enthusiasm again. I had lost 11.5lb's but my gain pushed me back up to only 8lb's loss, which depressed me greatly. Rather than dwelling on this, I am focussing on a party I am going to in 4 weeks and trying my hardest to make a noticeable impact on my weight for then. Good luck, you can get going again :)
thankyou for all your support I'm going to face the music tomorrow & see what the damage is and go from there! I'm currently 11.12 (as far as I know) and want to be 9.7 by august! I've said so many times I was going to do but now I'm close to my first stone I really want it! I hope that we all pick up and get some motivation back and end up lighter :)
Going to your weigh in and facing up to the consequences of a bad few days is the best thing you can do. Going to my weigh in last week was really hard - I knew I had gained and didn't want to face it. But pretending and lying to yourself won't help. Go to weigh in, accept the result and let it boost you to move forward :)


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Yep me too! I haven't been to class for 8 weeks, but I emailed the consultant this morning and I'm going back on Wednesday.