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22 weeks and 19lbs...


Always comes back to MMs!
Lost another pound last night, and it really started to hit me... this thing bl*ody works!!

I've had ups and downs, good weeks and bad weeks, and yet I've always gone back to plan as soon as I could, and it is really working for me... I feel like this is a way of life now, and I never want to go back to my old habits!

Just sharing the SW love with you all lol, sometimes you forget just how remarkable what we're all doing is!

MB xxxx
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Well done you!! 19lbs is an amazing achievement :)

I've resigned myself to the fact, I'll be a slow loser forever but, I don't care - 1lb per week (average) is all I want.
That's a great post Mancbird! I'm a slow loser too but it just goes to show that if you keep chipping away at it, you can budge the weight.

Carry on the good work!


Mrs V

Loves Life!
Well done Hun!
Its nice to read the positivity!!! Im a 1lb a week looser too and Im happy that its coming off at all!
I will get to target eventually and in the mean time, Im enjoying life, food and coming on MM!

Well done 1lb a week is great, keep up the good work and I hope I follow suit .. :)xxx


Addicted to Minimins!
I think a lot of people get disheartened when they average a pound a week - but look where its gotten YOU!! One pound a week means 3 stone 10lb loss in a year and wouldn't it be fab to be able to lose that much enjoying your food!!
Wow, well done, you! I've give anything to have a stable weight loss like yours! Hopefully it'll come one day!!

1lb a week is very healthy and means that you are much more likely to keep it off, which is very important! I've seen too many people lose lots of weight very quickly, and then just put it back on in a flash, so please don't be disheartened, you are doing fine!!!


Always comes back to MMs!
Thanks everyone, and well done to all xxxxx

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