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28 Weeks pregnant and scared about the weight gain!!!

Hi All,

I am 28 weeks pregnant and was very over weight before. I am getting really scared and down about the amount of weight I have put on and how much more I am likely to gain.

Is it possible to still lose weight in my third trimester? I live in Kuwait and they do not have any slimming clubs so I have decided to follow slimming world as I have done it before.

Weight gain so far 19llbs and still growing eek!!!! Any tips welcome
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Just remember that the most important thing is your health and your childs health and therefore dieting at the same time can be an issue.

My advice is to pop and see your doctor and just discuss the best way to eat healthy and be safe while at the same time not put unnecessary weight on.



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Hi there, and welcome!

Firstly, I wouldn't worry about your gain so far, lots of that will be baby/placenta/amniotic fluid. Personally, I don't think a 19lb gain is bad at all, lots of women gain 4 or 5 STONES over the course of their 9 months. As far as losing some weight is concerned, I'm not sure whether its possible or not as the third trimester is obviously the period where baby piles on the fat and you pile on the pounds :( I'd suggest you concentrate on eating a healthy, varied diet and include lots of iron, protein and calcium for baby plus some 'healthy fats' so your LO can plump up.

Do you currently do much exercise? Lots of gentle walks and some swimming might help control any more weight gain if you can manage it (not always as easy, believe me, I know!!) It'll help get you and LO ready for labour and delivery too.

Hope you manage to find a nice middle ground between dieting and indulging xx


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hi ya sound like you are doing well but I do understand the panic! Having lost 6 stones before getting pregnant, I have now put on 17 lbs and only 18 weeks gone, but I will sort it when the baby is here, for now my body is for my little one. The early stages I was feeling so ill all I wanted was junk food, now that stage is over I am trying my best to eat healthily as much as I can and will worry about the rest later. Take care of you and baby for now x
Thanks All,

I know it's probably very normal but still can't help feeling this is just going to add to my problems after I give birth. I had said that i was going to wait until I had lost the weight before getting pregnant (that just was not happening)
Gemma - 6 Stone!!! wow thats great. What was that doing?
Will keep you posted as start the healthy eating today so hope not to gain anymore and keep my little bump happy


I will do this!
S: 14st9lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 1st2lb(7.8%)
thanks - I did lighter life and loved every minute of it. I think I may have a couple of stone to lose to get back to my goal weight so will probably do LL after baby. It's a meal replacement diet, but more than that, it's a whole new way of thinking about food and having been overweight all my adult life, being slim is new to me and something I don't want to lose!
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I am 25 weeks pregnant and have put on 9lbs so far but it goes on in bulk loads and am worried when the enxt half stone is going to suddenly appear. I am sticking to no more than 2000 calories a day and trying to be healthy (although am pretty ill) but it is hard. And the fear of weight gain and ingrained heart sinking we are used to as the scales shift up is a hard mindset to get out of.

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