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2meals 1 diet 1 not

does anyone else hav to cook different meals at dinner time ? most nites i have to cook 2 different dinners sometimes its so hard not to pick at things off my other halfs plate,its even worse if i do too much of his and theres bits left !! it drives me mad !!!!!!!
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Mines just come back from the chippy with sausage & chips smothered in ketchup! Although he did bring me back 3 pickled eggs which I thought was sweet, I think if I were cooking his greasy food I might be a little too tempted but he eats mostly the same meals as me just the now and then that he'll wander up to the take away.

OH mostly eats the same as me unless i want something he doesnt like, i try to do the kids the same or similar but thats just not always possible as we love spicy food and they dont.

things like mayo i have low fat and they all have full fat versions -at 6 ft 1 and 10 stone OH doesnt need diet versions
I end up cooking 3 quite often. I have one carnivore daughter who says a meal is not a meal without meat and hates anything remotely spicy, and one veggie daughter who just thinks the spicier the better. And me, who has to stick to the plan.


I cook my sw meals, then youngest has autism so he can vary and what he wants he gets, middle kid will sometimes eat what im eating as he like veggies but mostly he might have same as youngest if not i cook him something different so thats 3 different meals, as for eldest now what a pain in butt he is so thats 4 different meals or i make him cook him and his g/f something to eat, kids hey lol
youve all got really good other halves !! mine just pulls faces at wot i hav !! mind you there is one thing hes put loads of weight on and cant do a rally day i bought him !! cus hes too heavy !! I CAN !! so ive got a treat ... woohoo
i thought two was bad never mind three or four !!
My OH and daughter eat what i eat, so no problem there. Although as a guy my OH eats bigger portions and can get away with bad stuff that i can't and i have to keep an eye on what my daughter has because she would and could eat anything and everything in sight.
My hubby does not eat with us through week as he has meal at work so just has soup or cereal when he gets home. Kids eat same as me or else they get their own as I refuse to do diff meals and at weekend we tend to all eat same.
My hubby will sometimes eat same as me but sometimes gets bored so he will have a pizza or ready meal them days. Tomorrow we will have same because it is steak chips (naughty bought oven chips 4 syns for me) and mushrooms. I will probably have a small amount of soft cheese with garlic with my steak and he wont but other than that we will just have same.
He cant eat whatever he wants but he is pretty good.


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I'm lucky in that there is only my hubby and me at home now, and we more or less like the same foods, so we eat the same meals all the time, if he fancies chips from the chippie then he will have these at work, he is very good in not putting temptation my way, bless him.
I make three different meals sometimes. I don't care how many versions of dinner I make though, unless I have to cook pork and apple sausages (for my b/f and my son). I love pork and apples sausages but our grill is broken and anyway, they're very fatty. So I SUFFER and they get them all. *sobbing*


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I'm afraid to say that no way would I cook more than one meal and if my OH pulled a face didn't want to eat it then he can either go hungry or cook something himself!
Lol Im with Circes!!
Me and Daughter eat pretty much the same thing, but Hubby refuses point blank to eat "rabbit food". In that case...he cooks his own!
Most nights he has either chilli or a curry, so he does it himself.
My hubby nearly always had the same as me - the ony time we have something different is if we get something quick to bung in the oven. He'd have no chance of me actually cooking something different for him - if he wants something different he knows where the kitchen is.


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We all generally eat the same things. I just make what i used to make for us all except make it sw friendly. EE plan is a godsend though. If i am having something like salmon potatoes and veg (which they don't like) i just bung some fish fingers in the oven and they have that with the potatoes and veg. No way though would i cook lots of different meals for everyone xx

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