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2nd day and still starving


From LipoTrim to Cambridg
S: 14st7lb C: 9st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 5st0lb(34.48%)
Hi guys, well I actually got through yesterday but my tummy was rumbling all night and found it really difficult to sleep. Went out ealier and could smell all the food and coffee as I passed various cafes and I tell you, I very nearly succumbed but didnt. I felt so pleased with myself when I got in doors and just had my shake. This is sooooo hard! I didnt realise it would be this difficult as I dont eat that much anyway BUT I do normally have a lot of coffee with 3 sugars in each and I think that must keep my hunger at bay.

I felt very weak as well, my legs, walking down the road were like jelly. I hope this goes soon.

I'm struggling here.
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Well done for resisting the temptation, try walking where there are no cafes. It does get easier I promise it does


too hot to handle!!
i find it opens up all your senses again,,smells and tastes,,hopefully this will teach us to appreciate food,,im on day 2 also
i haven't tried it personally but someone suggested using the vanilla shake as a type of coffee whitener. ie using it in your coffee a couple of tsps at a time. maybe with a sweetener (we are allowed sweetex i think) that would help you get through the day? Of course, using one shake in this way, means you only get two for the rest of the day. but some hardened coffee drinkers prefer it that way. personally i think that slowly you should try to use LT as an excuse to reduce the amount of coffee you drink. it isn't good for you and dehydrates your body. i stopped coffee at the beginning and, whilst it was difficult at the start, i now find it much better - and i am sleeping better than i have done in my life. good luck xx julia xx
I live 50 yds from a chippy, before I wasnt bothered but now, damn they smell so good. Which incidently proves my point, that this diet thing is just a mind game, and i will win, I am winning, I will be the winner, AMEN!


From LipoTrim to Cambridg
S: 14st7lb C: 9st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 5st0lb(34.48%)
Hi Julia, yes you are right, I should quit my coffee - well actually I have cut down since starting LT because I used to drink around 10+ coffees with 3 sugars in each, but now I drink 1 in the morning, 1 at lunch and 1 in the evening. So for me thats a big difference. I cant imagine having the shake mix in the coffee though. But I have added a teaspoon of coffee to the shake.... that is quite yummy especially with ice then whisked for a couple of minutes.

And Mr Fattythin....... you certainly are a winner going by your stats. What a great weight loss in such a short space of time... good for you. In fact all of you really insprie me. I cant wait for my weigh in I really cant. I just hope I have similar figures. I'm determined not to cheat.
you are doing brillant and more than likely you will be in keto 2moro so it will be so much easier!!! keep at it and keep logging on, i find if i don't logg on i do fell tempted. xx


weighs a lot less
just hang in there hun it really does get easier and the hunger will stop once you hit ketosis,drink plenty water and have a few early night xxx

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