2nd day...I'm feeling GOOD!!


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:p Hi all! It my second day of LL today and I must say I am feeling FANTASTIC!!!! It must be all the rubbish washing out of my system!! I have been out in the snow all morning with bags of energy and then I just came in and cleaned the whole house????? I hope my energy levels stay like this :D
I have my first weigh in on sat....if all stays like this the weight should fly off me before my wedding in June!!!! .xx
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Busy busy busy!!
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That's brilliant. And first week losses are great - look forward to hearing how you've done.


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Wellm done 2 you girl xx


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wait till tomorrow you may have a rough day but hang in there xx


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it can go back and forth in the first week going from feeling fab to wanting to kill someone but i really hope u keep this feeling!

if u do stay this way, would u fancy popping round to my place? its a right mess.... :eek:


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Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the support!
I am still feeling FANTASTIC!!! I cant remember ever feeling this good on cambridge diet?? weid hey?:confused:

Hope you are all doing well, if anyone needs any support I am here for you!!

I just had a raspberry shake, was worried I would hate it, I actually loved it! It was just like cambridge strawberry shake!

Keep me posted on all your losses!