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2nd day - in the lipo trim house


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Hi Ya, my name is lisa-p,

and i too have started the lipo trim. today is my 2nd day i i feel soooooooo tired!

How have you all managed, this long? you should all be proud ov yourselves!!
welcome Lisa, it does get better honest x


weighs a lot less
just keep going ,early night and long baths and WATER til you feel like your gonna drown ,if you aint on the loo every 20 mins ish you need more,ketosis is not too far away and you will feel fab when you get there,you can do this xx
yep, I am on day 11 now and not really bothered anymore when my boyfriend is eating dinner next to me while I have a shake... you really do start to view things differently and somehow get really focused... I now have got more energy than I had before :)
Hi Lisa, welcome

I am a newbie too!! on day 3 now and it's still a struggle, keep getting those hungar pangs but topping up on water!! It's all good, hopefully ketosis is on its way although no symptoms yet!!

Good luck

LL xxxx
hi Lisa and welcome it does get easier i felt tired for the 1st couple of days but on day 4 i had a burst of energy! x
hi lisa welcome to the lipo group. be strong u will be fine. be positive and in day when u get ur first weigh in u will love it, honestly this is the best choice i have ever made.

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