2nd Day,with a wee hint.

Morning everyone,
Day 2 - and still feeling ok, got the nasty taste in my mouth already! Still surprised by my being so positive about it.

A wee hint for anyone who like me struggled with the black tea and coffee. As the mixture is a skimmed milk base (the doctor at lipotrim told me this) I thought that it would be ok to use skimmed milk in my drinks as I just cannot take black tea or coffee. Spoke to my dr. about it and he said just try it and see. Which I did, and I still had realy good weight losses. (I lost 2 stone in 2 months - with a 3 week break in the middle) I'm still having it in my drinks this time. Like my dr. said try it and if it still works for you its ok. Definitely made a difference to me anyway, to have a nice cup of tea or coffee, but I did use fully skimmed milk.(The long life one which has a much better taste than the fresh one) .
It may just help some of you get through the day.
I have heard of people putting a drop of vanilla shake in their coffee/tea. Sounds nice for coffee but I'm not sure about the tea!!!
Lea x
I tried the vanilla shake in my coffee, but now I put the coffee powder in the shake when I'm blending it, lovely. I wouldn't out it in the tea either, though I have seen vanilla flavoured tea in the shops:confused:
Yep...i pop skimmed milk in my hot drinks too :D