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2nd day

The first week is the toughest. Stick with it no matter how hard it gets and things will get easier - honest!

As for moving up to 790 ... try to stick out the first week SSing - that'll really get the ball going but after that, if you REALLY can't face it then have a chat with your CDC about 790. You get very good losses on that plan.

And on Coke Zero ... you are allowed to have it but my advice would be not to have it in week 1. You'll be feeling hungry already and all that coke zero will do is fizz up in your empty tummy and make you feel even hungrier 2 minutes after you've drunk it. That's just my opinion though - a CDC will probably be along in a little while and they can advise you better :)
We're all with you on this - we all know how tough it is having gone through the same struggles on week 1. I know you feel like you could eat a cork floor tile right now but try really hard to find a distraction - for me that meant getting out of the house ... browsing round the shops or visiting someone for a girly chat. Anything that means you're not pre-occupied with food.

You'll be surprised how the time flies and before you know it, it's time for your next pack.
Going to bed early helps too - even if your tummy is rumbling. The body produces a hormone as you sleep that actually suppresses hunger (this is why a lot of people aren't hungry at breakfast time).

Stay strong!


MUST get a grip
First few days of anything new are the trickiest... New job, new house, new eating plan....
I am finding that everywhere I go, look and do is related to food. I started reading a book about a couple who lost their daughter in France to an accident on the stairs, the mother goes back to France to find out more and its all about the cheese wine & french dishes she cooks and eats.
This book is currently under the bed!
Good luck with the rest of your day xxx
i have started to dream about food :s

it was worse last night as my boyfreind had a kebab and he stunk of it which made me hungry usualllu it wouldnt bother me but grrrr hehe

im craving bacon sandwiches and egg damn i really must stop thinking about food!
Why not visit the arcade on mini's? I'e whiled away many hunger pangs doing scrabble blast and other word games (my faves).

Do you go out to work? I'm at Uni but we do't go back til the 21st. I always find it easier when I'm not at home.


Addicted to Minimins!
Water, water, water - i know its what everyone say's but keep on glugging! And the first week do anything - and i mean anything - to keep on track......hot bubble bath, paint your nails, read a book, go for a walk, clean the bathroom......i find lots of early nights help during the first week too.....if you're sleeping, you're not eating!


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Keep drinking the water - the toilet trips do lessen as your body acclimatises to the new intake.

I am on 5L a day now!

Do stick with SS until at least the first week is over, to fully establish ketosis - you will be so motivated once you have had your first weigh-in you soon won't want food at all.

Also it is a WANT food not a NEED food since you are getting all your nutrition from the CD packs, so that is not an issue really, it is your head giving you grief!



Fed up of being fat
Aw keep going it will be worth it by the end of the week. Im on 790 as I couldnt get on with ss, its a great plan and still gives great losses, but do what you feel is best for you to be able to succeed on this great diet.

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