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2nd day


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Millions of us hun! It does get easier - stick with it. How much you got to lose?


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Im new to lipotrim too,started today and not doing bad,could really eat a cheese and beans toastie though lol
Ive got alot to loose but im hoping that my july its gone lol i maybe getting too carried away there but think postitve lol or thats what i try to tell myself

You just plod on it does get easier, but it is a big mind game you have to be strong, determined and love water:p


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S: 18st11lb G: 10st0lb
Can you add anything to the soup,like a pich on salt?Or anything lol just had my first and it was horrible

Big NO To salt try pepper thats ok, paprika is fine or some hot chilli powder really spices it up. Its all I eat but i have tons of water therefore a big bowl I love it lots dont:) x
:) I started it on Monday , so I'm a day in front . I don't feel too bad to be honest , the odd food image pops into my head but I just looked through the slide show and WOW !!:happy096:

I'm hoping it does get easier though as the headaches have kicked in today !!

Keep at it !!!!!!!!!
Water Andy, drink gallons of water:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::)


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Yeah I agree the soup is easier with loads of pepper...i dont really like pepper or chilli but if you put loads of either in it burns your mouth and you cant taste the soup!! Wey hey winner!! Also make it very watery rather than thick its easier to get down!!

I had the vanilla shake cold this morning with coffee in...gross!! Nearly spewed in the sink!!!! Defo not like that lovely creamy Kenco Cappio! think i'll just stick with normal vanilla.
How anybody can even consider the soup with or without additives is beyond me lol xx


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Day Four,not so bad so far,keep persevering,it seems to get a bit easier.The water is defo the main thing,when a headache creeps on,drink more water and it seems to ease it.:D

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