2nd week another 5 lb off


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:D Another 5lb shifted after weigh in on Friday on 2nd week. Even better I know as i weigh myself every morning that today my scales show I have lost 1 stone & 1 lb exactly from day I started so I feel super to have lost over a stone in 2 wks and 2 days. My parents live with me and poo pooed the diet at first but guess what - they started too on Friday after watchin the weight drop off me :D . Just helpin them through first 3 hard days now but at least they have me as proof that it gets much easier and that the weight shifts FAST :D :D .
well done ....do your scales correlate with your counsellors?
well done Bambi - great loss in just 2weeks :D
Well done you, that's fantastic!
I don't weigh myself at all, makes my proper weigh n all the more exciting!!!

Yes, she came round the other day and we put the scales together and they were the same, the only difference is I always weigh more at the time she comes in the afternoon compared to mornings and late at night when I way less.
very well done bambi, thats great news!!! :)
You are doing great Bambi!!