2nd week weigh in


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I have been pretty good this week, been to the gym 4 times, eating most of my points.... so when i weigh in lost 1lb?!! (i know i should be happy it wasn't a gain) The leader asked if i had been eating the points that i had earned through exercise i said i hadn't she thinks this could be the problem? could this really make a difference, thanks in advance x
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Hi all Ive had a second weigh in and when i started the diet 2 weeks ago i was 14.6 im down in 13stone 13 now im really happy.
Been going for walks and sticking to my points so heres to another week of getting rid of the pounds.


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Well done on your pound! Must say, it was my first weigh in last week and although i had stuck to my points, and not eaten them all, i only lost 1/2lb! I was told i needed to eat all my points and that could be why i had a small lose!

Have eaten all my points this week - weigh in tomorrow so will let you know if it makes a difference!!!



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S: 13st11lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st12lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 1st5lb(9.84%)
Yeap, will do. We have similar amount to loss so will be interesting to see. Will say i have been a bit more careful with my carbs. Not eaten as much bread/pasta/rice as i did last week but have still had carbs in ww chocy bars, jacket potato etc - was willing to try anything after last weeks little 1/2lb.

Heres hoping for a decent loss for me tomorrow xx


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Good luck honey! I normally find if I have a smallish one then the next week will be higher! WW give a guide of 1 - 2 lbs a wee tho, so you're doing just fine :)

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Hi kelly

Try and keep your chin up, and remember 1lb is still a loss. Its difficult when you're expecting more and it doesnt happen, stick with it, like jen said you'll prob lose a bit more nxt week. x


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A 1lb off is great :D

I am wondering if I need to eat all my exercise points? Today and yesterday will earn an extra 8 points!!!!