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2nd weigh in - completely gutted this time!!

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Hi all

I really feel like throwing the towel in. I have just had my 2nd weigh in. I normally weigh in on a Wed morn really early before I have anything to drink. I had to weigh in this afternoon as I cant make it there tomorrow. Now I had drank 4 litres of water today and had 2 shakes taken before I weighed in. But still I was up 4 and a half lbs!!!! i was shocked. I told the pharmacist what I had taken today ( the water and the shakes). She told me I must have broken it as there is no way the water and shakes would cause that. But I didnt break it. I got really upset as this bloody diet is hard and I dont seem to be getting anywhere. I came home and weighed a litre of water and it is 36 ozs which is 2 and a half lbs. I had 4 of them so technically had taken on board 10 lbs of liquid. I would have got rid of a lot of that over the day but she says there is no way that the water could account for the weight gain. She says that perhaps I am drinking too much water - is that possible? Oh help. How in the name of god could I be up 4 and a half lbs. My first week I only lost 5lbs. So after 2 weeks of torture I am only down half a pound!!!! Has anyone else had an unexplained weight gain? I have been rooting through all the threads and I cant see anyone who did. Ah I dont think I can go on with this as I am taking 1 step forward and 2 back.

Any help/advice/explanation would be so greatly appreciated.

one very desperate housewife here.
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Oh sweetheart what a nightmare! Don't worry! I can weigh 4 pounds more in the afternoon than in the morning and that's not even including clothes! It could be anything... Clothes, totm, water you drank. If you have stuck to the diet it will be working - just hidden for this week.


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Hi hunnie, please don't throw the towel in. I always weigh in mornin after I've been to toilet n without any drink at all coz by dinner time I no I've already put about 3-4 lbs on coz of all drinks. I notice that I always weigh heavier at teatime, that's why I never weigh in pm.
I no this diet works, like u said u've been 100%, the weight will definitely come off. It's just hiding, give another week a try.
Take it from there bit am positive, next week u will hav a good loss.
Chin up sweetheart. U can get through this.

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I think the person at the pharmacy is wrong! Water and 4 litres of it is going to make a considerable difference to your weigh in. Could you go back tomorrow first thing and get re-weighed??? If notm forget the scales today and weigh yourself tomorrow morning before drinks and compare that reading to what you're expecting. I've been keeping an eye on my weight from the start (weighing first thing before I get in the shower as I'm convinced long wet hair can be VERY heavy !!! tee hee!) and though my losses are similar to yours, you can be sure that you are losing weight. I know you're feeling really fed up and rightly so but please give it another week...you'll be glad you did.


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These people at the pharmacy are not the experts in weight loss, or this diet as a matter of fact. They just took a week or two course to have the benefit of selling another product so don't take what the pharmacist said to heart. You know you've been 100%, so she/he is wrong. If you typically weigh in in the morning before you've had anything to drink then that's the time you should always stick to as it becomes a constant. I know you had to go a day early due to whatever reason, but see if you can find one of those scales where you drop a £ in weigh yourself while you're out tomorrow, you might surprise yourself.

Besides, that pharmacist is doing a pretty sh!t job by saying that you must be lying, they're suppose to support you in this struggle, not to be miserable cows. Just think of it this way, they probably didn't get any last night and taking it out on the world :D

Stick it out hun, it'll come off. *hugs*
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Thanks everyone so much for the support. I really do feel down about the whole thing. I know she didnt believe me when I said I didnt break it. I cant figure out why she thinks 10lbs of water drank in a day wont weigh heavy. She said it wouldnt have had enough time to get into my system to make a difference. Well I am no expert on how the body works but if I take 10lbs of water and put it into my body surely at least some of it must be there a few hours later. Well I appreciate all ye said and I know ye are right but my head and my heart are not agreeing.

I have stuck with it today and have paid €63 for next weeks supply so I am going to stick with it again. Please Please Please let me have a good loss next week. I joined up for the April challenge and said I might loose 14 lbs. Well when I added my 4 and a half up I now have to loose 18lbs in a month. Ah god I might as well said I would climb mt everest!!!!

I have my chin up and putting my best foot forward and trudging on. Again thanks to all for the advice and support


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Well done Hun, am 100% sure u will have a good loss next week.
Chin up sweetie. U can do it.

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i can understand why you are feeling so frustrated! if on the first week of a diet are because iof losing retained water then weighing in the afternoon when you are normally used to weighing in the morning before drinking all that will of course make adifference. stick with it you will see it next week i'm sure! xx
ps they say a maximum of 4 litres of water a day x


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The water would def weigh heavy, Its because you weighed in the afternoon too, I would stick with weighing in the morning and not have anything to eat or drink before weigh in so you are at your lightest.

My weight fluctates by 5lb or so during the day...

Keep, on and you will get a good loss next week!

My 2nd weigh in tomorrow, im nervous :( I havent been 100%, I went to a funeral last week and ate and had a drink, so I know I won't have lost loads, but even if its a small loss I won't give up.

We can do this :)


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Sorry to butt in but 'won't have had time to get into your system'???? What a load of [email protected]!!! Sorry but that person does not know what they're talking about. Get on a scale - get off, pick up a 10lb weight, get on again ... it doesn't have to be 'in your system' you will weigh 10lbs more ... stupid person! I'm not saying you will be 10lbs lighter because in actual fact some of that will have left your system by the usual method if you consumed it more than about 3 hours before you got weighed but 'not had time to get into your system' ofgs!!!! Stick at it - you'll have a FAB result next week!! :) xx


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hey luv,dont give up.. i remember a lady who used to be on this and she was apparently drinking too much water,cut down to 2-3 litres a day and see how you get on,her losses increased by doing this too! x

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You HAVE to weigh at the same time, having eaten the same and preferably wearing the same, or failing that, similar clothes for an accurate loss. I'm sure that for the first five weeks my pharmacist thought I only had one set of clothes! You can't compare a weigh in first thing in the morning to one late afternoon with 4 litres of water and 2 shakes inside you. Do you have scales at home? I keep a track of my weight at home too as I want to know what I REALLY weigh i.e. naked after having done a wee, and not with my clothes on. It's useful then for just these kinds of situations. Keep going. It has to be working. There is no way you have lost half a pound in two weeks of being 100%. It's just not possible. You WILL get a nice surprise on the scales at some point.

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Can't add much else. Don't let this get you down. I agree with Cate. Weighing later in the day is the culprit. Stay 100% and next week will show you a fab result.
If you can't wait till then, do as suggested earlier and pop into another pharmacy tomorrow morning and weigh on one if the coin machines.
Either way, next week will be better.

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Just one suggestion to add to all the great advice above: take yourself out of the April challenge. That's just an added source of pressure that we put on ourselves but you don't need any more pressure cos you've already got a stupid pharmacy to deal with!
Next week at your usual weigh-in time, you are going to have a massive loss that's been waiting in the wings and you will feel GREAT! :D

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