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2nd Weigh In Flop :(

Hi I had my second weigh in last night and after my first week loss of 6.5lb I was excited to see what I had lost but I had only maintained my weight. I followed the plan better than I did first week as I'd got the hang of it and feel gutted I hadn't lost anything. Anyone know why? Couldn't even stay whole class just left after weigh in because I felt rubbish about it. Just feel like its a total flop after trying so hard.... :(
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Oh, don't be downhearted, it is going to take time for your body to adjust. It's had a shock the first week of a different eating plan and just settled down the second week, getting used to it. Keep it up and it'll kick into action again next week. (Time of the month makes a difference sometimes.)
Thanks!! It has been that time of the month I never took that into consideration at all. Hoping that I lose next week I suppose it's good it's not a gain it's just a horrible feeling when you try so hard and expect a loss and you don't get one. Keeping my fingers crossed for next week's weigh in.


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S: 18st4lb C: 17st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st5lb(1.95%)
It is disappointing but there's usually a reason. For me, it's either that I've cheated (so deserve it) or I'm due on (which I can do nothing about). You just have to keep your spirits up ready for a loss the following week.
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TOTM can account for unexpected gains etc. Keep at it and hopefully next week you'll have the result you want. I'd also recommend staying to group regardless of how you feel about your weigh in result. This is a conversation you can have with your consultant and they can offer you help and advice when you don't get the results you want.


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This happened to me when I did SlimmingWorld the first time around. Lost 6lbs in first week then maintained in second week. Went on to lose on the weeks after that. The way I looked at it was I'd have been happy with a loss of 6lbs over the two weeks so I guess it just worked out the same. Don't give up!
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I always found that if I had a big loss, the following week was a maintain or even a small gain. Can be demotivating but stick with it and there will be losses in the following weeks.
STS ( Stay the Same) is a good result, although you haven't lost you have lost any weight you may of put on this week, we still have our weight to maintain and on top of that lose more to get a loss. So STS is still an achievement as you still had to eat daily so you managed it realy well. The body I think goes into a denial shock mode or panic and clings to what fat we have its instinct i'm sure. Once it realises its doesn't need to be in famine or hybernation mode i'm sure it will give it up.


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I agree a maintain is a good result. Usually if I maintained but felt I deserved a loss it would show the following week, also when it was my TOTM I used to gain and then have a better loss the following week, so STS when it's that time of the month is great.

Don't be disheartened, it's probably a mixture of the time of the month, such a great loss last week and your body being out of shock from last week. Just think 6.5lb in two weeks is fantastic :)

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