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2nd weigh in, lost nothing :(

I've just had my second weigh in and my weight has remained the same since last week. I've not cheated at all, infact I've been drinking a lot more water than the min of 2.5. Has this happened to anyone else? I felt like I lost weight this week but now I feel really down like I've wasted a week. Is it possible I might have lost weight but just retained water?
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hey Hun. I know just how you feel. I had my second weigh in today and only lost 2 lbs. but I measured myself and I have lost 3 inches from all over. I think it's just the way it works sometimes. chin up, maybe we will have big losses next week? xxx


Girl on a mission
hey hun

I bet you lost inches this week so don't feel disheartened...it is known on the 2nd or 3rd week to have a bad loss....i know what we see on the scales is important, but i'm sure you'll have a great loss again next week, so don't let it get you down and look forward to your next weigh in :D
I hope so, just feel a bit demoralised! I hope I lose next week otherwise I don't know what to do next! I'm just gonna keep drinking water just incase I have retained some.


She's me in a few months
You lost 16lbs in your first week, such a big loss is bound to have a knock on effect for your second week. You have to look at your losses over a number of weeks and average it out that way, your average loss so far is 8lbs a week, CD look for 3lbs so you're doing really well! Stick with it and you'll get a good one enxt week.


hoping for a good loss
Was going to say the same as scooterchick. You had an enormous loss in your first week hun, don't lose heart bet you lose loads again next week

hugs x
Yes you are all right, I'm just being silly, I just thought maybe I was doing something wrong or not doing it right as I haven't eatend anything but I've not lost weight. I'll start keeping measurments.

Thanks for the advice everyone :)


hoping for a good loss
I know how disheartening it is when you don't lose or only lose 1lb, but don't give up chick, get measuring am sure that will show the losses for you. Shame you didn't measure at the beginning

Charlie x
If I am retaining water am I right in thinking I should drink more water to counter it?
aaahh dont be to disheartened, itll level itself out soon, youve probably lost inches this week rather than lbs
Yeah I was being silly! Now its sunk in a bit I've had time to reflect, 17lbs in two weeks is still a lot! I was just getting ahead of myself! I just hope I lose a fair bit of weight by the time summer comes around.
My cdc said she had someone who had huge losses every 2nd week and inbetween stayed same or lost a lb. But still was over a stone a month. It was just the way her body worked
i only lost 2lbs my second week (and i was pretty sure this is because i didnt even have a glass of water before weigh in and managed to have a number 2). My CDC said it was the slowest she had ever seen come off and even family and friends were wondering if there was something wrong with me as wasnt losing! I also felt pretty bloated from all the drinking of water even though not TOTM. Anyway I was starting to panic and wondering if i would be the one person in the world who CD wouldnt work for, determined i would be fat forever but the weight did start coming off and I just have to accept that I tend to commonly have quite small losses but it all adds up and I am so glad I didnt give up. So just stick with it!! It will happen and you will be so glad you did!


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