3 1/2 lbs on bad news


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hi guys
bit of bad news,when i was weighed on friday.(just incase i could not get back in today my weight was 19st 7lbs that was bad enough)but ive just picked up my shakes and they weighed me again,guess what i had put on 3 1/2 lbs in 3 days.
ive just weighed myself on my scales and i was 19st 8lbs.so has from now my scales will be put in the attic.spiders and all.dont worry because im STILL looking forward to starting tomorrow
so my weight today is 19st 10 1/2 Lbs
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5 stone to go!
oww,,well look on the brightside at least you didnt put on the 3 1/2lbs while on tfr eh!! best of luck with starting tomorrow and say hello to slimmer you woohoo! x


Size 14 here i come!
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Yep that's the last time you will see that 3 and half pounds. I should put my scales in attic too but i can't, i am not strong enough to take them away, good for you being able to do it!
Goodluck for the 1st week!


I will be skinny again!!!
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hey sorry to hear you have gained!!

But hey that will be gone in absoultey no time at all!!!!