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3.5 stone!


Bring on the trumpets
Well done.......your body will catch up with your weight loss...and your next half stone may make the difference.....keep going you are doing great :D
Well done you x x

I have lost 2.5 stone now and I'm only just beginning to realise it! Little things I notice, like I can walk up two flights of stairs at work and I'm not out of breath.
I can now do the whole 2hour session of kickboxing, when I used to have to sit some out. The very first week I went I thought I was going to chunder at one point!!

I have only gone down one size in clothes, but I feel better, which to me is the most important bit. I didn't decide to lose weight to make myself look better, I opted to lose weight as it crossed my mind that if I continued the way I was I was going to die. I have a long way to go. Probably about 8 stone to lose in total - but I try not to think that way, I just count one stone at a time.

Well done on your progress so far - the size will soon start to drop and there's no better feeling than getting into an old pair of jeans that used to be too tight! x
I have lost 30lbs and know what you feel. I am still in the same size of clothes but they are looser. but this is because I was kidding myself when I was bigger that I was only a size 18-20 lol. Oh I don't think so but now I am. was feeling a bit disheartened as I could not see the difference but just stick at it and it will come.:):)
Congratulations on your huge loss!! That's fab!!!

I really do sympathise with you. I exercise like mad, never lose weight. Then there are ppl I see at work who I haven't seen for a while say "you're looking fab what you been doing" and I am puzzled as I'm still wearing same size clothes and weigh the same!! Frustrating or what?!

Then my inlaws came today and I haven't seen them for a couple of weeks. They both said they have noticed a big difference since they last seen me. Yet the scales show the same!!

I can imagine being nearly 15 stone all my life but looking a 12 or summat!! And running a marathon!!

Good luck with the rest of your weight loss. I bet in a couple of weeks you go try clothes on and your 2 sizes smaller.

Also it depends where u shop!! Try stuff on in marksy's!! It's much better fitting than next I find. I also find Peacocks a good fit too!! (it's cheap and cheerful like me)

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Ah Becky men love curvy figures!! My OH would be devastated if I lost my "big" bum and boobs cos he loved them :) I'd be happy if I was smooth all over lol xxx

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