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    Hi everyone, I've been on CD for the past 6 weeks and have lost 27lb so far. I've strayed a few times:eek: but on the whole I'm happy with my weight loss so far.

    I think I've gone off the shakes! I just cant stomach them anymore and past few days I've been literally forcing them down my throat. I've tried all the flavours and only liked butterscotch and banana but I cant seem to stomach those anymore too. I tried the soups but didnt like any of them and same with the tetra packs. I only like the choc orange bars as they are the only ones that dont upset my tummy and that's what I've been having since yest. I'm aware that I should only have 1 bar a day because of the carbs but I dont think I can carry on forcing myself to drink the shakes as I've still got another 75lb to go so I'm gonna be on ss for a while!!

    I just wanted to know if there's anyone who's done ss with just the bars and if they still got good results? I really dont want to give up now as I'm so determined to reach my target.:(
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    Welcome to the forum, Queen.

    3 bars a day would probably knock you straight out of ketosis. The other problem is to be delicate, wind and upset stomachs! Most people who eat even 2 bars on the trot are very quickly, umm ... on the trot. You're likely to find yourself running for the loo, with an upset stomach and a LOT of wind. Having 3 bars a day would also mean upping your water intake drastically - all good reasons why the CD recommends only one bar a day. Have you had a chat to your CDC about this?

    If you can only stomach a very small range of products it may mean choosing between tastes you don't like (some people find the shakes much more palatable if you make them into a mousse or a hot shake, or soup into crisps), changing diets or moving up to the 790 plan, where you can have a meal a day - the weight loss is about the same and I found it easier to get the shakes and mousses down when I knew they weren't my 'sole source'.

    But really, the CD 1 bar a day rule is there for a reason - if you knock yourself out of Ketosis eating 3, you may as well be on a calorie controlled diet and eating a wider range of food. Why not give your CDC a call and chat through this.
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    Bagpuss has said it all.

    I have in the past had 2 bars occasionally - mainly if it is a problem to have shakes/soups because I'm out and about ... but 3??!! I couldn't do that and wouldn't reccomend it to anyone.

    Have you spoken to your CDC??

    Do you drink coffee??? Adding a tetra to coffee - both choc and banana works well for me.

    What about making your shakes into ice cream??? Crush ice cubes, really well - with food processor or coffee grinder add your shake mix, (butterscotch is lovely!) a little water and mix in your food processor - viola ice cream!
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    try the psyillium husks they change the taste of the shakes 1 shake any flavour 2 teaspoons husks 200ml ish warm water wisked bit like porridge yum vanilla my fav or I cannt drink shakes without making them with about 4 ice cubes and cold water much tastier give some of the recipes a try(you will find a sticky for them ) they may help xxx
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    Hi Queen having exactly the same problem am on two bars and one soup but just cant stomach the soup any more. And I don't like the shakes either its a real dilemma
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