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  1. Pam

    Pam Member

    Hi all
    I wonder if you could answer a few questions for me please.

    When you all are low carbing is your intention to stay in ketosis?

    Also I have read threads where people wanting to be in ketosis are eating sugar free jelly. I thought the ingredients in sugar free jelly contain citric acid which takes a person out of ketosis.

    And the last question, isn't the amount of calories to be taken into consideration as I have seen menu plans on threads where people are eating high fat foods such as salami, double cream etc.

    I am keeping to 45g carb values a day and eating 1000 to 1200 calories a day with my carbs mainly from fibre rich veg, and I am eating high protein as it has been proved that is filling. I am avoiding products with citric acid. And to be safe I am making sure I get my vitamins from food plus taking a multivit and mineral pill.

    I would be very grateful for your feedback,

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  3. RainbowCookie

    RainbowCookie Full Member

    Citric acid stalls some, doesnt others. The only way to know if it will stall you is to give it a try.

    Yes the intention on induction is to stay in ketosis, mild ketosis is the intention for ongoing weight loss too.

    I would lower carbs slightly, eat until satisfied - do not 'count' calories, there shouldnt be any need.

    Eating fat is both fine to do, and actually helpful on low carb diets.

    EAT FAT To Succeed on a Low Carb Diet. | EUGENIZATION.
  4. Pam

    Pam Member

    Thanks for that link Rach. I think I will avoid citric acid just in case! Eating more calories still seems weird though as I am not hungry. For breakfast I eat sardines and cherry tomatoes with one slice of wholemeal bread. Lunch is 250 grams of chicken with coleslaw, and loads of brocolli, and loads of brussel sprouts, or breaded cod with cut green beans. Dinner could be the same as lunch, and if I am working late I eat a snack of cottage cheese which is 4g carbs per carton,
    Thanks for your input
  5. RainbowCookie

    RainbowCookie Full Member

    Its alright, stick around we are all really friendly here.

    You seem to be having a lot of low cal type options.. unless you are a great lover of cottage cheese then think about other things, chicken wings, normal cheese, boiled eggs.

    I think its easy to stay in a low cal mindset when you move over to low carb.. I did ww for a year and its hard to get your head round eating all these fatty foods and still losing weight but hey, it works. xx
  6. Pam

    Pam Member

    Lol I do love cottage cheese and eat it instead of the sardines for breakfast if I won't be working late and needing it for a snack. I guess it is because I lost 7 stone in 7 months on this regime a couple of years ago and felt good on it. Initially I started this regime last week in the run up to starting a vlcd so I could get into ketosis the easy way rather than go cold turkey but I thought if I could lose weight that fast on food, then I should do it again and after all it is only 500 or so calories more than a vlcd so over a week that is 3500 cals which means my weight loss will only be one pound a week slower than a vlcd as it takes 3500 cals to lose or gain a stone. I am concerned about eating more fats because of my cholesterol which is on a high dosage of statin. What I may do is get more fats in smoked mackeral a few times a week. I will look at websites to see where I can get fats rather than eating unnecessary stuff just to increase a fat intake.
  7. RainbowCookie

    RainbowCookie Full Member

    Dont worry about cholesterol while low carbing.. take a lookey here, should make you feel a bit better..

    USATODAY.com - Study: Atkins diet good for cholesterol

    There are lots and lots of studies like this.

    Off the top of my head, I think Jim used to have high cholesterol and had lots of blood tests when he was losing weight, he will be back in the morning to give more info im sure. xx
  8. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Hi Pam, welcome love.

    He did and I have, find the long rant on the Grrr thread.

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