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Very simply i have 12 pounds to lose. SW seems the most healthy to use. I am doing the old red / green system.
The problem is I have a serious Night Eating syndrome. For those not aware it's basically when your clock is upside down and you do all your eating at night and not hungry during the day. I had it for over 30 years so it's not going away and i'm not here for that. My question is twofold. I eat very simple and really only need yes and no answers or one or two words without the explanations... so i wont take up a lot of time from you.
  1. On a red day what is a good midnight snack that has carbs?
  2. On a green day what is a good midnight snack that has carbs?
  3. What are good snacks during the day.
  4. Are counting calories important?
  5. How many grams of fat should be had a day on Green
  6. Where is a good simple link without all the commentary, articles and opinions that i can try to understand this a bit better
  7. I am not a chef and don't have time to cook so where is there a link to simple meals on red and green days that i can follow.
appreciate the feedback.
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