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3 Stone in 10 weeks?

S: 19st9lb
Hi all and Happy new year!!
I'm just wondering, do any of you know if it's possible to lose 3 stone in 10weeks or as close to as possible?
I'll be sticking it out regardless but just curious if any of you know how possible this is or what my estimated loss should be after 10 weeks, I know we all lose at different paces but from your own experiance/knowledge of Lipotrim?

Thanks luvies!
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Hi there, I did lipotrim 3 years ago and lost about 3 stone in 8 weeks... I cringe saying this, but since then i've put most of it back on and am starting lipotrim again on Monday. You would be so sick of eating after Christmas, its a good time to start;) Have you ever tried it before?


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On average men lose about 1 and a half stones a month, and women about a stone so 3 stones (or very nearly) should be possible ion 10 weeks if you stick to the rules!! Everyone varies though - I've been a bit slower than average, but the loss has been constant so I don't mind too much.

Good luck

S: 19st9lb
Thanks for your reply Clerclogs!
If you cringe saying that, imagine how I feel saying this.... I lost 8 stone 2 years ago, went from size 22/24 to size 8/10 and have since put on 5 stone :O
I'm determind this time and aware how important keeping it off and changing my eating habits are!
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i do think its a really ambitious target but i think if you eat really well and exercise beyond your own limits you can achieve it, why you'd want to rush yourself i have no idea.
You have your whole life to loose weight, do it slowly and you'll feel better for it.
S: 19st9lb
This is the Lipotrim forum Missie so there shall be no eating involved :) thanks for you reply anyhoo (",)

Cheers Jon, 4 stone in 12 weeks :O thats motivating!!


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Thanks daisy happy, the last time i did lipotrim I was living alone and seriously motivated.I literally cleaned the house out of any food. It was relitivey easy... I have tried doing it since but could not stick it. I am now recently married and my husband is very supportive but obviously he is going to needs to eat!!I am dreading being surrounded by food as it is a constant reminder of what you are giving up. I know this sounds silly as a lot of people have to cook etc while on liptrim, but thats what i'm dreading most this time... I have a wedding in mid February and would love to go and be able to wear a dress that I wore to a christening, that doesn;t fit me now. Thats probably the biggest motivation... clothes! I would have a fantastic wardrobe if i lost a bit of weight as most of my clothes are too small for me at the moment.... so onwards and upwards. I'm going to think of all the nice clothes that i'll be able to fit into again!!


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It is achievable so long as you stick with it 100%, 1st a month for female....first time around I lost just under 4 stone in 14 weeks and I have an underactive thyroid so my weight (I thought) was slower than most.....but nonetheless quicker than conventional diets.

You normally lose a lot more the first week which does give you that boost and incentive to carry on, although the weight loss is a lot slower than the first week, but still fast, if you know what I mean.

Good luck though.

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