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30 Day shred

:eek: After reading the thread on here i did loads of research on the net about it so i though id give it a go, ordered myself a copy which arrived wednesday, well last night my other half took the kids upstairs so i could have some piece at which point i though id give it a go. OMG i did level 1 and today my thighs are quite tender but im loving it coz it shows im working the muscles, ive been always quite active and have been doing the wii fit each day for 5 weeks which i though was doing something but obviously not as i hadnt felt this with the wii. Id defo recommend it to anyone even though im on day 2 i can feel the muscles being worked.

thank you for the suggestion and defo might invest in her other dvds too
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Well done, it's good to feel your muscles working as long as you can still walk!

How much space do you need for the workout? I was interested in the DVD but don't have much space to exercise indoors.
you dont need much space at all, enough room for push ups, jumping jacks, along them lines. it says to do the dvd daily but im opting for every other day so i can still do stuff with the kids without struggling to move lol


Violet is shrinking
I love the shred! I have her other dvds too...she's awesome!!
i've started doing this as well! loving it so far although it hurts - but that means u know its working.
can't wait to measure the results after 30 days.
i just really need to order myself a sports bra before i do myself some damage x


Violet is shrinking
lol!!! I admit, it was a problem for me, the jumping jacks were the worst, I was only half doing them as my right arm was securely holding my boobs down lol!.... a sports bra is a must! :)
lol sounds like me last night, im going to have one skinny arm thats actually been doing the work out and the other my bingo wings are still staying will have to alternate arms till i get the chance to go get one x
i love her and her motivational attitude.. ive been compared to her by some of my clients in the toning centre/gym i work in which is a huge compliment.. i am tough but kind i guess LOL. her quote about the jumping jacks makes you thing whoa i gotta keep going..

i have nearly all of the fitness dvds and workout games on the market , 30 day shred is still one of my fav.
Which one of her other ones would you recommend too? ive been looking at the others but not sure which one to try next


I will do this!
<3 Jillian! My thighs were killing the first time too, took me 4 days before I tried to do it again haha!
Jillian is my god lol! And she has been overweight herself so knows what its like. Is the 30day shred just exercise or do you have to follow a speciak diet plan? How much have people lost with it? Might give it a go when i get back :)
Before buying it i did loads of research on the net read reviews before and afters and so on as ive been caught before buying "the best exercise dvd ever" turned out to be a pile of cr*p, so before buying i did look and its been getting fantastic reviews and results. I cant do it every day like is recommended due to having the kids i still want to be able to do stuff with them without fear of aching all over x i highly recommend this one though it works places i forgot i had x

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