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<3FallenxAngel<3 here just to introduce myself!!


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Morning Kel x x

Don't worry about the essay, it's nice to know a bit about the person behind the font.
I imagine you're quite excited and apprehensive about Thursday, but you go girl, you can do it!
And you really are turning your life around for the better, losing weight, stopping smoking and an impending wedding...the journey will be fun, sometimes hard but always worth it.

Goodluck and I look forward to chatting with you,

Gaynor x x

Mrs Z

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Hi Kel

I'm new too and thought I would just say hello.

I'm quite excited about the whole thing to be honest and seeing all the "tickers" with everyone showing their loss is inspiring.

I'm going to have to go and work out how to get mine done now. At least that will fill another hour and stop me thinking about how to mix my "exciting" shake packs for lunch.

Good luck
Mrs Z
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Hi i have also joined today! i want to lose weigh as i want to start a family soon, i also suffer with depression and i also have bad panic attacks i am 22 stone, i have just quit smoking aswell 58 days today i have been smoke free i went on the patches and currently not using any thing atm. i am doing the slimming world diet from home starting today! so good luck you can do it. Cathy x


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Hi my name is Kel:p (<3FallenxAngel<3), I am 26 years old. On Thursday 14th May 2009 I will be joining Slimming World for about the 4th time in my life. I currently weigh about 314lbs and am beginning my weight loss journey alongside smoking cessation (starting the same day), with an aim of getting down to 10 stone by June 2012. The reason for this date is that I turn 30 in the July and it is also the month I will be getting married to the love of my life, George.

George and I have been together coming on two years now. We have a 1 year old son together, Kayci and I have four other children from two previous relationships aged from nearly 11 down to 3.

I started gaining weight at the age of 15. I've never been skinny, I was about a size 14-16 at age 15, but at 5'10 I wasn't huge. I met my ex Husband, John in 1997, we were together for two and a half years and had two children together. John was a feeder. He encouraged me to gain weight, and as I was 15 and very naive I didn't realise what he was doing. I ballooned from about 13 stone, size 14-16 to 25 stone, size 30-32 in a year. And subsequently suffered from depression, both post natal and general.

I went through phases of binge eating which turned to bulimia, starving myself etc. I stupidly turned to taking speed at the age of 17 to try to lose weight, which worked and I lost about 4 stone but it also left me with a Heroin addiction for a year and a half. Well needless to say I came clean on my own from the drugs and haven't touched anything since.

I went on to have further relationships and two other children. The weight fluctuated between about 22-24 stone for years, I suffered with the depression for about ten years because of it.

In May 2007 due to my depression, a relationship breakdown with my girlfriend at the time and a general bad point in my life, my two eldest children went into care and my two youngest children were taken by their Father. I naturally went downhill, started binge eating, drinking excessively, self harming etc.

It was at this point that I started a relationship with George. We had known each other for about a year or so, and had formed a very close friendship. During the beginning of the relationship I started using Slimfast and one healthy meal of chicken breast, steamed veg and brown rice a day (same meal day in day out). I managed to get down to 18+ stone. George moved in beginning of July 2007 (the day before my 25th birthday) and within weeks I fell pregnant with Kayci (now 13 months).

I already suffered with sciatica which didn't get diagnosed until after the pregnancy, this got progressively worse and I also developed SPD (Symphosis Pubis Dysfunction), a very painful condition where the pubic bone separates too much and causes very sharp pains in the groin, it leads to you having to keep your legs pretty much together at all times and limits movement. I ended up using a support belt and crutches and ballooned to 24+ stone again.

I managed to stop using crutches when Kayci was about 6 months old and am able to walk properly now. I am using 3 types of pain relief, Tramadol, Amitriptyline and Diclofenac.

I am currently 22 stone 6lbs. George and I got engaged on 19th April this year and are planning to get married June 2012. I have been trying to shift this weight for a long time and have lost about 2 stone since Kayci has been born but now the weight is just not budging. The problem is I am not really eating. I either don't eat at all or only eat one meal a day, which I know isn't going to help, but if I start eating I tend to binge.

I decided today that I will start going to Slimming World again on Thursday. I also have an appointment to see the Nurse regarding putting an end to smoking, for health's sake and also to raise a little more money toward the wedding. I have also thought about buying a bike to assist with losing weight and general fitness, but was a bit concerned that at present I may be too overweight to use one.

Well I am going to include my weekly weigh ins and waist/bust/hips etc measurements to log down how I am getting on and also take photos regularly to see the change.

Sorry for the essay! :eek:
Dont be silly, i am looking into Slimming world tom my friend swears but it. so thought what have I got to lose just some weight lol.

So we can do the journey together. Good luck and best wishes :D


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Hi Fallen angel, Welcome, and don't worry about it being an essay, it is interesting to hear peoples different struggles with weight. :) Glad you are getting yourself sorted, when you've hit bottom the only way is up eh? :)

Slimming world is a great diet, I've been doing it since late january and have lost nearly 2 stone (not as quick as some but my body knows what it's doing) ;)

Good Luck xx


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Hello kel and welcome to the minimins board, you're just down the road from me. :)


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Good luck for tonight hun! Its 2 years since i gave up smoking, 2 1/2 since i had my little boy and i have gained 5 stone in 3 years ??? But the good thing is i am going tomorrow to see my CDC and start my very low cal diet of shakes/bars/soup/oats and it will be the start of the new me!! Keep posting and we can stick to this together... oh and its really nice when you get to read about someone so thanks :)


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wikid wikid =] told ya u wud ace it baybeeee x


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Well done !!! Thats fab !! Xx

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