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3lb too much

hoping to i know weight is only a number but at 3lb a week i will be back to pre pregnancy weight when i go on my jollies. My heart says its ok my head says its not
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I dont think its unreasonable in the beginning, i lost 30lb in 8 weeks following WW, it has slowed down now and yes i havent been as good as i should be with my eating and exercise so that could be to blame as well, i started off wanting to loose about 5 stone so still a long way for me to go.
Good luck :D


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3lbs a week is not unrealistic for your first 2-3 weeks on the diet. I lost 4lbs in my first week and again 4lbs in my second week. However, it is not sustainable. Whilst you might get the odd week where you lose 2.5 to 3lb, you will also get weeks where you only lose 0.5 or STS. Thats what happens with "healthy" weight loss. As others have said, to sustain that amount of loss (regardless of how much you have to lose) you would have to be on a VLCD and to be honest, I just dont think they are the way forward. I did Lighterlife a few years back and whilst I lost loads of weight, and ended up as a size 10, it didn't take me long to pile it back on.

I think WW really does teach you a new way of thinking when it comes to food. By giving everything a points value, it makes you think of what you are eating - even when not following plan. You soon learn the foods that are lower in points and you will find yourself avoiding the higher pointed food.

I know you will be thinking "but I want to lose weight and lose it NOW" - as I was when I started! I've lost 24 lbs in around 11-12 weeks and if I'd have thought at the start of 11-12 weeks' away I'd have said that was too long but its flown by and I feel like a new woman! Everyone has noticed the difference in me and I get compliments all the time! Its great!!!! Sooooo glad I didn't go back to a VLCD and actually took the steps to make a lifestyle change!



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Hi hun,

Ive managed it for 7 weeks so it can be done but dont get caught up with it xx its only a number and good luck let us know how u get on


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Starlight said:
Losing weight on a VLCD doesn't mean you'll put it back on. A fast loss doesn't, contrary to what many believe, mean it goes back on.

If a person does a VLCD and regains their weight then that's not the fault of the diet it's down to the choices they made when they came off it
Ok. Was only trying to say that it didn't work for me. The weight loss was too fast for me. I didn't get to teach myself healthy eating habits which I have on WW. Thought we were all here to support each other? My mistake


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Starlight said:
All I was pointing out was VLCDs are just as successful as diets like WW etc

There seems to be a very common misconception that the faster you lose weight the faster it goes back on which is not the case

And for the record I'm totally supportive of anyone doing any diet and I object to the implication that I'm not
I only said that was the case for me. Really no need to be like that. Jeez... Is the aggressive tone really necessary? I expressed my opinion, why be like that?


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Starlight said:
Pot to kettle!!!!
Really? Hardly. I've not said anything that can be construed as aggressive or in any way against you. I expressed my experience and you flamed me for it. This is the reason I haven't used forums in a while and to be honest probably now won't come back to this one.
Well we can agree to disagree. I dont think I've been aggressive I've put MY point across to which I believe I'm entitled to. All I did was point out in reply to your comment about putting all your post VLCD weight on that it doesn't apply to everyone

For the record I think WW is a fantastic diet but I stand by thinking 3 lbs a week is unrealistic

We don't all have to agree with each other on here.

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