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3rd day on re-feed

Hi everyone
I started re-feed on Friday which i'm doing just for a week due to a wedding next Friday.
Anyhow, so far so good, but I'm on day 3 and have just had my evening meal......chicken, mash and 2 tablespoons of peas.
I'm a bit concerned as there looked to be sooooooo much mash (although I weighed it out at just under 8oz) and there is no way I could finish it. I ate all the rest just really struggled with the potato.
Has anyone else felt overfaced with the first serving of spuds and will it make much difference that I left a bit??
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yep i always felt that an 8oz pot was too much - but you are allowed that much if you so wish - if its too much do like you did and not eat it. Only eat till you are nicely full :)
Thanks summergurl!! x


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no problem chick :)


Positivity is the key
hope the refeed is going ok, wishing you all the best with it.
Hi all,

Never thought I'd say this but I'm actually missing the shakes!!!!! Weird or what!?!?

I feel like I've put weight on although I've stuck to the re-feed (day 1-3 religiously, day 4 onwards I've not eaten as much as I probably should have done just because I'm not hungry)

I just wondered if you eat oily fish will you gain weight? I love monk fish but I've not always been able to get it so I've been having salmon fillets & mackerel fillets........is this ok?? Oh and muller light yoghurts - are they okay too??

Thanks guys x
I dont know if you are supposed to eat oily fish in the first few days, but I think after the first week its ok, not too sure though as I dont have a refeed sheet here at work. I remember I ate salmon though and didnt gain.
I can empathise with every word you are saying, I am starting my re feed in a few weeks, and watching how everyone is doing. Encouraging that your not hungry though, I have visions of being starving once I come off the shakes. I understand about the missing the shakes, I would imagine I would feel exactly the same way. Good luck.


Positivity is the key
I don't feel really hungry either and now on 2nd week, so it seems to be working. Hope the rest of the week goes ok. Can't find my refeed sheet but look it up on line if you can't get to the chemist. Good luck.
I started refeed last friday and was mortified that i had put on 3lb even though i was sticking to the plan but today i got on the scales and they had gone....? im feeling much more positive about this food thing now!


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Yup i too had salmon on my first week of refeed and actually lost weight so i am sure salmon is ok - not sure about mackrel though - maybe give LT an email and ask em :D x

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