3rd day on SS of CB


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I think you are doing really well. keep drinking the water and taking all your packs and you will be ok.
You will feel better in a few day's time, and by the end of the week you will be amazed at how much weight you have lost. I am on day 33 and i have lost 22 lbs (im getting weighed again tonight)

Keep going, its worth it!

keelie xx


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Today is Day 3, I have drank 4 liters of water till now (06:32pm) i am feeling light head ache, otherall everything is fine...... i have not lose weight till now............... there can be any problem..............

Hun well done to you for getting to day 3 the hard part is practically over:D
The headache could very well be carb withdrawal and they will soon dissapear.
Pld dont be worried that u have not lost any weight yet,when u have your first official weigh in you will be so proud of yourself.
It is not a good idea to weigh yourself during the week for a few reasons.

1) a womans body weight fluctuates all the time and if you weigh yourslef during the week and are not happy with the result that could throw u off track.
2)Your scales more than likely are going to be a few pounds different to your CDC`s scales so your weight loss will be different.

Hun you can not SS and not lose weight unless sometimes if it is Totm or you have bad probs with water retention which if you do have Ssing will help with that.

Hope this has helped put your mind at ease, take care xx


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roch is right, u cant give up eating and not lose weight. it will be coming off so dont worry. good luck for your first weigh in, im sure it'll be great.

good luck to you tonight too keelie :)