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3rd Day

Hi everyone!

Im a new member, and am on day 3 of the CD SS, and am feeling ok, have managed to drink lots of water (and going to the loo a lot). I have 5 stone to lose (15 stone) Was hoping to see whether anyone has had the same amount to lose,and how long it took, for some inspiration. Am going to find it very difficult not eating until I get to my target weight. I am sooooooo desperate to do it.
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Well done on making it to day 3 :)

Im on day 1 of another restart :eek:.... but am feeling very postive..

I want to lose 5 stone in total too.. at the moment ive broke it down to a mini goal of 28lbs.. for my holiday in July.

Good luck with cd.. xx :)

Sammi N

Anything but Regular
Hi there I am nearly two weeks in and have around the same to lose. We can journey together if you like. Good luck, you will do it if you want it enough im sure :D
They say a stone a month. some loose quicker some loose slower. I did cambridge last year and i lost just over 3 stone in 3 months but i didnt follow the correct plans for re introducing food and so i went back to my old eating habits and have put all the weight back on. Im on day 2 of my restart and i'm hoping to loose 5 - 5 1/2 stone aswell.

As a previous CDer i can honestly say it does get easier in time and food doesnt bother you and you dont feel hungry, but as soon as you start allowing yourself to nibble then it goes to pot.

good luck x



needs a real kick in the
hi bella16,
im i bit shorter with a few pound more to loose im 15st 9lb started at 15st 13lb im on day 3 also, i want to aim for 9 1/2 stone so thats
6 1/2 st for me, but would be good to track eachothers loss for inspiration, im on ss are also
claira xxx
:eating:Hi everyone Im 5ft 7 and 16 stone 3 pounds and my goal weight is 11 stone cant imagen being that but will certainly try im on day one and im feeling hungry already!! :p


Cambridge Consultant
Hi Bella..
Just wanted to wish you luck on your cd journey.
I started at the same as you and have been doing it for 14 weeks now and 50 lbs down. Our bodies all work differently I know they say a stone a month is average.
But if you stick with it, it will come off before you know it .
Good luck x
Thank you to you all for replying, its really lovely to have your support, I will be crossing my fingers for all of you.

Im in the middle of day 3 now, was wondering how long it is until you end up in ketosis? I have followed the diet 100% so far, with loads and loads of water ( just hope i lose weight in my weigh-in on friday)

Thank you all xxxx


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Hi Bella, im also on day 3. How are you finding it so far? Im not hungry today but am having cravings for junk. Will resist!


needs a real kick in the
i just bought some ketosis sticks from boots and tested (day 3) not in it yet, feel sicky and hungry, but will keep at it, good luck everyone xx
Hi Bella, I'm day 7. I'm 5'1'' and started at 13st 2lb. I want to get to 9 stone but that is prob a stne overweight. So i do have the same as you to lose only I'm going for 4 stone (does that make sense?)
Anyway, it's great to have people to journey with, so count me in, Broxi xxx
Claira i feel for you. The sicky feeling is horrid isnt it? I tried to talk myself through that imagining that it was my stomach shrinking and that that was a good thing and as mad as it seems, kind of embraced all the side effects as a sign that the diet is working. Headaches, just all the crap leaving my system, upset tummy - ditto, hungry noises and pain - my body saying wheres the water?!
I also tell myself that every time i pee, 100g of my fat goes with it!!! So 5 big pees a day is half a pound or so gone!!!! Seven days of that = 3.5lbs, 4 weeks of that = a stone. So, keep peeing, keep busy (watch old movies, read you favourite book, sort out your photo album, call and old friend, go for a walk, have sex (!) or clean your windows and by the time you have done all of that, you should be in ketosis!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work - being in ketosis does make it that much easier and you are nearly there!
Good luck.
Sorry forgot to say - Bella - you CAN and you WILL do it.
Keep the faith in yourself. You have the power because you want it so bad. Dont forget that. We are all in this together, arent we?!!!!!! Together we make an immovable force!

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