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3rd degree tears and 2nd baby on the way

Lisa Marie

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I tore pretty badly with my 2nd baby not sure to what degree but it was a long tear front to back (TMI) sorry! She was only 7lb 7oz Delivered my 3rd baby and only had a tiny tear. So I was ok delivering another baby after a bad tear. Hope everything goes ok for you, if you're worried have a chat with your midwife she might be able to reassure you.

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I had a graze with 2nd, had a episiotomy with first, and my 2nd was lighter than my first born.. but only by a few oz and in the 6lb bracket.

I guess all you can do is speak to your MW and consultant - and if need be have a planned CS which would at least take the stress out of the situation a bit. ((hugs)) I have read about really positive planned CS's after an emergency CS so it really can be done.
Relaxation techniques such as Hypnobirthing can really help even for CS's.

Good luck and congratulations!


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I had a 3rd degree tear with my first. I was recommended to have a Csection with my second, but after reading up I decided to go for a normal delivery as like you I dreaded the thought of a Csection. My second was a pound heavier than my first (10lbs 7 oz) but I 'only' had a second degree tear. I have healed well both times and going to have another natural delivery this time. Just hope it won't be another pound added to the weight, lol!


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hi big bear, hope your well in, having a third degree tear will naturally make you anxious about this birth, have you discussed using water to reduce the risk of tears, sitting in a bath and massaging the perineum(the bit that gets torn) helps the elasticity and flexibiltiy of the skin, using oil is also recommended. sitting in a bath as soon as you start to get those niggles of labour could be starting is a real good way of relaxing the whole area, the more relaxed you are the less likely you will also tear, havign a water borth reduces the risk, and also certain positions of labour, chat about all of them with your midwife. i had 2 babies in 2 years both water births and no cuts no tears despite my second being the wrong way round and getting stuck at my tail bone junction and having a horrendous time at one point talking about emercency c section as he was stuck and not moving down for ages! having a realy good midwife makes all the difference.
good luck xxx

big bear

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Thanks everyone. I'm seeing a consultant on the 10th May I'm sure he'll discuss all with me. I'm feeling better now.

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