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3rd superfree food??

am thinking about trying the extra easy ( the thought of being able to have a plateful of slimming world chips and a big ol steak is proving to be very alluring!!) but ive read that you have to have a 3rd of your plate full of superfree food.. just wondering is that hard going..
what do you do if your having a "fry up" or just a small meal..

what types of superfree food do you add to your meals.. ??
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I manage ok with the superfree 1/3 rule.

I have fruit with breakfast of 2 slices of wholemeal bread and boiled egg.

Lunch is either home made chicken and veg soup or a large salad with new potato and either fish or meat.

Teatime I have just had chicken fillet, new pots and veg....

Can't beleive how easy EE is, I try and stick to fruit and yogurt inbetween and use syns for sweet chilli sauce or gravy etc and a bit of chocolate.

Good luck x x
i never realised how easy it would be to follow.. i think its because ive only ever followed green and red days..
im going to carry on following green and red up to my holiday in two weeks and then do the extra easy when we are away .. i think it will be easier to do for treats etc.
one more question!... when your having a breakfast "grill up!" what do you have as 3rd superfree.. as i only tend to have mushrooms !
Add a generous helping of onions & mushrooms to your steak & chips dinner and some peas (not superfree but they are free and superspeed) then have a piece (or 2) of fruit for afters. See how extra easy it is? :D
I'm not a fan of toms either, so with a 'fry up', I tend to leave a gap next to my mushrooms that makes up the 1/3 of my plate, then if I'm not too full, I'll have an apple or banana after. Or grapefruit before :)


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I find it really easy to get my 1/3 in. Always have veg or salad with lunch and dinner. Those packets of m/w veg are a lifesaver.

I have egg on toast for brekkie with mushrooms. This morning I had no mushrooms left so m/waved some fresh tomato. Tbh if you missed the odd superfree rule with breakfast I dont think it would matter

I love EE as I dont have to really think about it. I was a commited ww girl for years (after trying sw at some point and hating red/green days) but since doing EE since before Christmas its the best eating plan I've ever done because its normal
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