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  1. Hello all,

    I'm new here, well sort of! I used Lipotrim and Minimins 6 years ago when I'd put on lots of weight after having my daughter (who is now 8!). I successfully went from 16 stone down to 10 stone 5 but had problems keeping the weight off.

    I had my gallbladder removed in 2009 after gallstones and since then I have really struggled to keep the weight down. I met my partner in 2011 and was around 11 stone but steadily gained weight through lack of exercise and unhealthy eating until I had my son in August and was between 13-14 stone. Over Christmas I then piled on the pounds even further and rather than losing any of my baby weight I am now 14 stone 8lbs!

    I now have the added excitement of getting married in May and desperately do not want to be this fat!

    I am currently on Day 2 of Lipotrim and I have to say I am absolutely starving. I have been trying to split my packs in order to keep the hunger at bay but am struggling! Yesterday was actually easier!

    Anyway, I know Lipotrim works and I'm feeling generally really positive and motivated (must not be a fat bride...must not be a fat bride!). I havent felt good about my body for ages and if I'm hnest probably not ever in my life. I would really love it if I could get to a point where I am feeling good about my body while I am still young (ish!).

    I am fed up with feeling bad about my body when I know it is within my power to change it. I am hoping to lose a minimum of 2 stone but closer to 4 would be great!

    Looking forward to chatting to you all on the journey, the support from Minimin users is invaluable I know!

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  3. roxi

    roxi Full Member

    Hi there. I'm starting Monday and have a massive 100lbs to lose but feeling very positive about it. I'm 50 in August and desperate not to be fat at 50!!! Similarly I have yoyo'd up and down but never been able to really be happy with my body. What a wonderful feeling that must be. You are right though. This is in our control and we CAN do it! What better goal for you than your wedding. Let's get this thing done ?. When I have done lipotrim previously I found it better to fill up on water and have my first shake mid morning, then second at about 3 and last about 7 or 8. Hope this helps ?.
  4. Thanks Roxi,

    hope your first day is going well! Good luck on you LT journey! Did you lose much before? the last two days I coped well by having them spaced out in the day as you suggested so thanks for that!

    I've lot 16lbs my first week on Lipotrim but what with one thing and another despite sticking to it 100% I've decided to move over to exante just to give me the best chance of staying on the journey. There's a lot more options and I'll be able to eat a meal type thing with my family in the evenings which I really miss.

    wishing you lots of luck- there are definitely lots of people on here who have lost 100lbs or more so I'm sure you can do it!

  5. roxi

    roxi Full Member

    16lbs OMG that's totally amazing!!! Well done you! :):):)
    I think I lost about 2 stone very quickly last year with Lipotrim but found it difficult to get to the chemist every week as it wasn't exactly local and my job was office hours so had to stop. Needless to say I put the weight back on and more in time.
    I have about a weeks worth of lipotrim left from last time and was about to call the chemist to book in when I came across Exante so I too am going over to this next week. I've heard they are all quite similar so hopefully I can get good results on this too.
    Keep it up, your doing an awesome job there. Great inspiration :) x
  6. nataliej

    nataliej Silver Member

    Don't split your shakes as the nutrients disappear...they say to drink it within 15 minutes.
  7. pebbles9

    pebbles9 Full Member

    I split mine but dont mix it. I have a bit for brekky n save the remaining powder for midmorning snack. I drop this in a bottle of water and shake like crazy ha ha. I assume this wudnt affect the nutrients as it hasnt been mixed yet?
  8. roxi

    roxi Full Member

    WOW Pebbles your doing great! Hope I can do as good as you. I switched to Exante this week, mainly cos I don't want to have to go to the pharmacy every week but also because of the choice and cost. I've found the shakes and cereal bars absolutely lovely and actually look forward to them. Not so keen on the meals or the normal bars though :(
  9. the cereal bars I found minging. the others were nice, all in all its nice to have some more choice.

    for some reason when I ordered their 2 new flavoured shakes they took over a week to come, and were pretty horrid;e I have to say, mango and passionfruit and forest fruits. shudder.

    I put on this week due to eating on the weekend but I'm back on track!

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