3rd Weigh In - Sad and mad !!

Sick as the proverbial parrot !!!:eek:
To add insult to injury I actually put on 2kgs!!!
I'm trying very very hard not to throw all the shakes into the bin. I did get weighed this evening normally it's in the morning so allowing for that, possibley I have stayed the same. :confused: But don't realy understand how, even after all your kind explanations, that you don't lose weight on roughly 500 calories a day!!:mad:
B/p was fine this week. Still very, (cough!) constipated, stopped taking the lactulose because of the glocuse in it, but have been taking natural senna. Not to be too indelicate but there is virtually nothing going on.
I won't stuff my face but do I feel like it.
Any thoughts folks?
a miserable,
I have put on weight on 2 of my weigh ins and I can tell you hand on heart that I have not cheated, not even a snif of anything.

You've done the maths and worked out for yourself that you can't fail to lose fat on a very low calorie diet and that is true. :D

What you haven't prepared yourself for is the fact that the scales can only weigh you, they don't tell you what that weigh consists of.

So is you are losing fat but gaining or maintaining weight and the only other thing you are taking is water then it must be water.

Don't get me wrong, I was as gutted as you are on each occasion it happened to me but I had a nice big loss the next week to make up for it.

By the way, my weight can vary by as much as 1/2 a stone from morning to night depending on water retaintion and whether I have done a number 2 :eek:

Look you know you are losing fat so please don't do anything to jephardise that nice big loss you will be seeing on your next weigh in. Stick with it and try to be pragmatic which is difficult I know ;)
Hi Anne-Marie,

I use fibre 89 and I find that keeps me ticking over so to speak, others swear by Psyllium husks are natural pure dietary fibre to help clear toxins, aid regularity and maintain bowel health. It is used by millions of people throughout the world as a natural alternative to some habit-forming laxatives.

In the meantime if you are feeling you are not making head way...you could try Dulco-Lax tablets...only take one and wait 24 hours as they will work and you don't want two:eek:

I lost nothing last week and the scales are not being very nice so far this week...it is difficult not to let the chatterbox get the better...but one thing I do know it will come down.

The guidelines are for a stone a month and we all vary with this, some lose more and some less...I would be on the less side...but if I were on another diet I would not even lose half of that...so don't get upset and stick with it.

Well this is what I tell myself...:rolleyes:

Love Mini xxx
Please dont be dishartned, I am sure its the fact you have a toilet struggle going on.

As many have said, stick with it, the weight will come off, it cant not do.

Are you drinking the water recommended to you, if we dont drink the water then our bodies do retain it.

Also I would recommened a dulco lax pearl to get you going and then psyllium husks to keep it regular, lactulose is full of sugar as well as other stuff. I wouldnt recommened laxatives regulalry, but one to get it out wont be detrimental to you.

It will come off hun, I weighed myself on day and I was 4lbs heavier than normal, I was absolutley gutted. I didnt throw in the towel and lost 5lbs last week.

You will be ok x