A long and winding road to losing half my body weight....One year on!

Oh wow I have only just read this story as I haven't been on Mini's for a while. First off a big congrats to you, you must be feeling so proud of your wonderful achievement. I had to laugh to myself when i saw the pics of you and the trousers! when you could get into one leg of them, seems unreal kinda! you are a true inspiration to people like myself who struggle and i wish you all the best in the future. :):talk017:
What a fantastic success story, really well done. It's people like you that make me persevere on the long journey x
Stunning transformation and just what people need to help motivate them. I too have on and off times so totally understand why it took so long. Keep up the updates, would love to hear more about your story.
Truly inspirational - thank you!

I binge eat, and have swung from one extreme to the next. To see you succeed has inspired me to keep at it. Thank you.

You look amazing x
Re: A long and winding road to losing half my body weight....I've done it at last!

You look amazing! Congratulations x
Amazing achievement. You should be extremely proud of yourself. You look fabulous
Thanks everyone :) Just popping in to report that I'm still hanging in there with maintenance! I don't actually know for definite what I weigh today as I'm trying to focus less on the scales at the moment, but I expect I'm just a couple of pounds over goal. I've had to be quite strict with myself over the last couple of weeks, as I'd gone probably 6-7lbs over goal - which is way out of my comfort zone, psychologically and physically.
As I say, I think that gain is more or less dealt with, so now my focus is on trying to eat healthily and use my calories on nice, wholesome meals rather than 10 snacks every day! I'm still tending to obsess about food, calories and meal plans, which isn't ideal...and I'm still happier when I can keep a tight control what I'm eating, but I know I need to relax about that and I'm working on it.
I guess fear is natural though, and I'd rather be cautious than reckless because I know how easy it would be for the weight to creep back on! I'd love to get to the stage where my food choices are made more spontanously, and that I could instinctively eat the right amounts without weighing and measuring, but for now I know I have to keep an eye on myself. When I think about it rationally, I don't suppose anyone ever got to 20st+ just because they were really hungry, so I have to realise that hunger is not my only trigger to eat...hence the reason why I can't rely on my appetite to tell me when to stop or how much to put on my plate!

But on the positive side, I do really enjoy eating healthy low calorie meals. I eat loads of salads, stir fries, lots of fish, absolutely tonnes of vegetables, and a variety of lovely dressings and sauces that keep my taste buds interested. That's not to say I couldn't dive head first into a portion of fish and chips from time to time, but I honestly do think I enjoy the healthy stuff as much as I used to enjoy the junk.

So that's enough rambling for now...it seems like my long and winding journey didn't end at goal did it?! ;) :D
Well done on the maintenance Alex. That's the part that frightens me the most. Guess I'll face it when I eventually get there.

Your doing amazingly well and are an inspiration. Keep it up :) x
Wow!! Amazing, I have just joined this site today and I am glad I have as I have read some great things, and I know if I stay focused I could potentially do well too, x
Aw thank you...it still amazes me that I could be inspiration to anyone after trying and failing so many times!
Another update from me, just to say that I weighed myself today and I'm 10st 4lbs, so officialy back under by target weight for the first time in agggges :) Admittedly, I've never let it get out of my sight but it feels so good to be 1lb under goal than hovering 3-4lbs over it!
Other than that, there's not much else to report - I'm still eating pretty healthily for the most part, and on the whole I'm really enjoying my meals. The only negative thing is that I'm still getting quite anxious about situations when I can't plan/prepare/calorie count my meals, and seem to approach social occasions with a mixture of excitement and dread :-/ I'm okay day-to-day as I do keep a fairly tight rein on my meals, and use MFP to work out my calories, it's just meals out, holidays and weekends away that seem to bother me the most. Times when I really want to let go of my tight grip on calories, but daren't quite allow myself somehow. Or when I do, I spend half the time dreading how much weight I'm gaining as a result.
Now I know I shouldn't see things as being so black and white - a meal out does not necessarily mean a binge/weight gain, I suppose I just need to learn to trust myself to keep an element of self control, and to trust my body that it won't start gaining the weight back!

I suppose I should be kind to myself really, it's only month 7 of maintenence for me, after 30 years of an abnormal attitude to food, so it's bound to feel alien at first. I'm off to London with a good friend of mine on Sunday, so I'm going to try to put calories and diets to one side, relax and enjoy some good food and some good wine with a great friend!

Hope everyone else is doing well with their journeys - whether you're just at the beginning or a bit further down the line like me x
Alex not only is our weight loss inspiring but your maintenance. That as we all know is the hardest part. It's great you still drop by to update us on maintenance as inspires many of to know it can be done and it isn't just a dream. Please do keep sharing its very much appreciated.
I too have to loose this weight and it's very inspirational to see it can be done! Well done and I think it will always be with us no matter what size we are! We just have to learn to deal with it in the correct way. I look forward to being able to tell my success story :)
I just resurrected my Exante diary to post this update, so I thought I'd post it here too....

Can't believe I haven't posted here in so long! I'm always lurking on minis though...think it's just become part of my life now!
Anyway....just wanted to come in and give you an update, exactly ONE YEAR since I got to goal! (can you believe it's come around so quickly!?)
Well I'd love to be able to say that I was still bang on, or just beneath my goal weight one year down the line. You know what it's like though, things are never perfect like that! However, I think it's nearly as good to be able to say that today I weighed in at 10st 7lbs...just 2lbs above my goal weight :)
I won't pretend it's been easy....I still obsess a lot about keeping my weight stable, and I eat comparatively few calories compared to other people (I'm working on that though...think my metabolism has just taken a hit over the years), and I still feel the need to count calories and log everything on MFP (natural restraint isn't in my nature)...BUT I still think this journey has been well and truly worth every bit of effort I have to put in to maintain my weight now. My body isn't perfect by any means...I'm still slightly 'overweight' in BMI terms, and I do still have lots of wobbly bits which are a combination of loose skin and stubborn fat, but on the whole I'm comfortable in my own skin....which is all I ever wanted. I can see photographs of myself without cringeing, I can shop more or less wherever I like, I can walk up hills without feeling like I might die, and my blood pressure is normal.

I'm not saying any of this to boast - after all, I've been back at the starting point more times than I care to remember! I just wanted to give hope to anyone who is worried that they'll automatically pile all the weight back on when they stop dieting!

x x
Alex_1978 are you sure they are all your photos, you look amazing, its so inspiring to see your journey, thank you for posting these pics. xx
So inspirational such an amazing achievement :)