A long and winding road to losing half my body weight....One year on!

Brilliant weight loss, and may I just say, what lovely hair you have irrespective of weight!
Congratulations you have done so well, thank you for sharing you story and photos with us, I sat her with my mouth wide open looking at your photos, all I can say is WOW. You did it girl!!
Thank you so much everyone :) Your comments really have spurred me on in my battle with maintenance!
I've now made the switch to Judd/intermittent fasting for Christmas and whilst I'm enjoying being able to eat, the scales haven't been behaving so far. I'm trying not to panic as I'm still below goal, but I'd be surprised if I got through Christmas on the right side of it.
I guess what matters is that I'm trying to keep a grip on things, not like other years, and that some of this slight gain is bound to be water retention caused by increasing my calories significantly. This week's weigh in will be more of an accurate picture of how I'm doing I think....
Keep your fingers crossed for me, and thanks again for your lovely words
Woow Alex you've lost soooooooooooooooooooooo mch weight! congratulations! You must be so proud of yourself. If you could loose this much - you can surely control yourself so I am sure you will know how to maintain this great success. Once again Well dome, I am sooo impressed! x
Late to the party but I just wanted to say how impressed I am . The piccies are fabulous and you look fantastic. Well done xx
Thank you for sharing, very inspirational.
You are AMAZING. Well done. :)
Re: A long and winding road to losing half my body weight....I've done it at last!

Massive congrats to you and thank you for sharing your story. I'm feeling low on motivation at the moment but you've inspired me to keep going :)
Just read through your story and its so inspiring! Im a yo-yo dieter and ive tried every diet going over the past 10 or so years. Im now on cwp and im hoping this will be the last diet I ever start. The thought of posting my own before and after pics is really keeping me going. Well done :)
Jemma xx
Oh wow. You are amazing. Massive well done to you xxxxxx
Just popping in to give a quick update, and to say thanks again for the lovely comments since I last posted :)
I'm pleased to be able to say that I'm now nearly four months down the line, and still loosely maintaining...it's not been easy by any means but I've never been more that 5-6lbs over my goal weight, but never more than 1-2lbs under it either!
Ideally I'd like to average out 3-4lbs under my goal so that any special occasion wouldn't bounce me back over it, but I'm still working on that. Today I'm 10st 5.5lbs, but I've got my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, so I'm trying to lose a little bit in preparation for that.

Despite being four months down the maintenence road, I still don't think I've found my feet properly yet. I've become quite obsessive about calorie counting/food planning and I do find it difficult to be spontaneous and natural about food. I guess that's better than burying my head in the sand and piling lots of weight on, but I do need to find a way to live my life without food taking up so much of my headspace.

But despite all that, I'm still very happy to be where I am now...it's still a buzz to be wearing size 14s and to feel just average when I'm out and about. I'm also starting to realise that I'm actually healthier and fitter than I've ever been before - I actually feel motivated to exercise and regularly walk 4-5 miles just for fun ;)

I'm sure this won't be the end of my story - I'm on Minis every day just browsing, but I don't often post these days for some reason. I'll make sure I come back and update this thread though, hopefully to say that I'm still maintaining...but I'll never take that for granted!
Awh! Alex thanks so much for sharing your success and your maintenance. It would be lovely if you continued to share your ongoing maintenance as and when you can because it provides "hope" for the likes of me who has struggled and always failed at maintenance in the past. I've a bit more to lose but I'm planning my maintenance and it is good to know that immbeing realistic that it will be an ongoing battle until hopefully one day it becomes more natural.

Keep doing what you are doing on the weight will stay off. X
I have about half of me to lose as well and it just seems so daunting on this end. You've done so well and you look gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your story :)
Re: A long and winding road to losing half my body weight....I've done it at last!

You've done brilliantly! Such an inspiration! I have to lose more than half my body weight and it's so daunting, but stories like yours give me so much more hope! Good luck with the maintenance, I hope you find your feet with it soon. X
AMAZING achivement well done :) xx
Such an inspiring story Alex :) thank you for sharing xx