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3rd weigh in

Aw Hun don't be disappointed you have done so well!!! And week 3 is always a dramatic fall in loss. And from now on you should expect around 3.5 every week as that's the average to lose about a stone a month. And that's amazing!! A stone a month is incredibly quick to lose weight... But the first couple weeks do set you up to expect more. So don't feel down cuz you ate right on target and will be where you wanna be before you know it xx
Are not ate lol
Looks like a bit of tough love is needed! Pick up something weighing about 3lbs (like a chair!) and carry it on your back until you stop feeling sorry for yourself! ;)
Only joking - I lost 3lbs this week too but I know I'm losing inches and feeling better so I'm not bothered at all. You've lost one and a half stone in 3 weeks which is just incredible - well done! :D

Thornhill Cate

50+ and fabulous
I was where you are after three weeks (21lbs down) which is great but I felt exactly the same as you do now as I only lost 2lbs in my third week. Almost five weeks further down the line (my week 8 weigh in is on Monday) and I'm on target for another 17 or even 18lbs off. That will be 38 or 39lbs in just eight weeks - almost three stone!!! I know it's hard but try not to focus too much on the weekly losses which could vary for any number of reasons, but take the longer term view. The small losses add up too. Stay determined and celebrate every pound off as each and every pound takes you ever nearer to your goal. Good luck for week 4.

Cham Pers

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Wow Cate you have done so well! Fantastic inspiration and motivation for all of us! I onky lost 2.5lb last weigh in but am grateful its in the right direcrion! Lol xxx
Thanks ladies for the support!! U r all doing so well!! Roll on the summer until we get the hot pants on!!


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It's still a good loss, well done :) x
you are doing great xx
Thanks xo
Your doing well :) i have to take my own advice here as i have my week 2 weigh in on wednesday and then i need to realise that it will come off slower after that and like you i need to see the bigger picture.
Keep up the good work :)
ah lainy don't be down about it. it a loss and more than you would have lost if you weren't doing the diet!

You have done so well, and the 3rd weigh in is rarely as good as the first two.

So well done on your loss xx

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