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3rd weigh in

sharon kim

Silver Member
had a total **** wk my pomarainon dog sirius akn as satans evil side kick had been very ill, he hurt his leg and had to go to the vets where he got an injection and some pills, gave him the pill as directed and with in 30 mins he was having fits throwing up screaming and running round like a headless chicken, took him back to the vets at 1.30 in the morning and he had another injection to calm him down the vet thought he was alergic to the pills so took him of them, so having spent 3 nights sat up with him hes still very poorly, back to vet tomorrow. so dieting has been the last thing on my mind have had what ever is quick and easy no sleep for 3 days have had more coffee, biscuits and chocolate than there is in tescos lol, in my next life im coming back as a vet its a lisence to print money lol
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awww i hope you get better soon!
but a positive note you haventy actually gained anything!

sharon kim

Silver Member
lol its my dog thats ill im glad i didnt gain
i promise i did realise it was your dog i just dont have my head screwed on today...i meant to say it!

but if you do get ill..get well soon in advance :p

sharon kim

Silver Member
you saying im a dog lol i might be ill tomorrow actully have to go to docs for my bloods doing and i hate it so could well be very ill
nooooooooo i wasnt calling you a dog!
ooo i hate having blood tests.

i have diabeties so i know what its like

sens shivers down my spine i hate nurses, doctors and all medical professionals!

its my bloody blood leave it alone!

sharon kim

Silver Member
lol i have willie bans disease which means my blood dosent clot so every month i have to go for blood test and then for a bleed test where they cut your arm with a scalple and time your bleeding and i can be there all day hate it, the dog has had half a loaf of bread and a pound of butter to get 2 anitbiotics down him by the time hes better il be broke
jeeez that sounds nasty (the scapel thing)

and how do animals eat so much

my cats like a hoover its ridiculous

sharon kim

Silver Member
my spelling is getting worse today lol i dont know how they get all the food down must be like bottomless pits, thing is he hasnt eaten his own food for 4 days and the butter is the only way to get the pills in him he has 2 more to come later so i better buy some more lol , my other dog is a spitz and she is 15 bad heart, two hip and knee replacements a hysterectomy and cataracts can hear the fridge open in another room has to have a special diet of rice and chicken [she has bowel and breast cancer] so they cost a fortune to feed i just put pics of them on the album thing
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