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3rd weight-in, whats the point!


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
my 3rd weight in this morning, i have lost 1 lb, ONE POUND, wot is goin on!!!! Am totally gutted, i have stuck to it 100%!!! no cheating nothing, am shattered, i cant believe it, is seems like a nyt mare and am goin to wake up screaming. Am soooooo angry, i cant even cry coz am sooooo annoyed. i have like 12-13STONE to lose so it not like i have a little to go. 1st week i lost 12, then 4, now 1. I feel like just chuck it n stick to a low calorie diet. This aint working for me, i always fail at diets and even when am sticking to this one 100% i still fail, i cant do anyfing right!!!!! I felt like i hadnt lost, sounds weird but i was expecting a low loss, but secretly inside u want 5 off! What is the point, i can lose 1lb on a normal diet:(:cry::eek::mad::cry::(
sharon xx
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Hi hun, I know its disappointing, but you have had good losses, and this week its just your body adjusting and coming out in revolt against the regime. Stick with it, and you will have a much better loss next week. I was the same - first week lost 12lbs, second week lost a pound, but after that it was 4 or 5lbs most weeks. Keep your chin up hun, the diet won't fail you, only you can fail the diet if you break it x x x
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I think two weekly weighing might be better - over two weeks you're bound to lose more - better for the soul I think. Imagine this week sticking to it and losing a pound then next week losing 5lbs. If you give up now you'll never get that 5lb off and you'd never know it would have happened.
Hi Blush - God I can understand your peeved state of mind! Very gutting! My solution to this is to stay positive and do not chuck in the towel. Are you on SS only - perhaps switch to a combination of SS and SS+? My theory is that is you are starving our body of calories and nothing to digest it goes into shock mode and then clings on to its stores. If you have a low fat meal i.e chicken with salad etc say 3 times a week it may keep your metobolic rate up. I have spoken at great length with my CDC and this combination does seem to work. Forget that weigh in - look to the next one and I'm positive you will have a great loss as your bosy catches up. LOL SXXXX
Hi Blush, dont give up on this.Just think on what diet could you have lost 17lbs in 3 weeks ??? You say you have tried everything bet you have not done so well before.I know its hard as i have loads to lose as well and only done 2lb my second week, but just give it a bit more time say 8 weeks.That way you can see what your average weight loss is each week over a longer period of time.At the moment you have done nearly 6lbs per week that's nearly HALF A STONE A WEEK - AMAZING !!!! Well done you lucky thing :talk017: Big:hug99: Chin up XXX
17lb in 3 weeks, that's 34 packets of Butter. How can you not be pleased with that? It's even more than 7 1/2 packets of sugar and definatley more than 3 x 5lb bags of potatoes. Keep going, next week will be a terrific loss. You never mentioned inches or if you're clothes feel better....bet they do.
i felt the same hun, i lost 1lb in wk3 too but keep at it hun you will soon find yourself loosing again, If you look at peoples losses you will see wk 3 seems to be a slow week for a lot of people, chin up hun and wel done on your losses.xx


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too right - I had my week 3 weigh in on sun and PUT ON 1/2 lb - I am sure it was just my body adjusting - that and some TOTM issues! Stick with it - my scales have started to move again now.


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You will have lost in inches , please keep with it , just hide them scales cos it really does work this diet , go look at peoples weekly losses ok , you will see 1 lb loss then a jump of 7 loss go look , and keep postive , don't stop now , you are looking to far ahead of how much you have to lose , draw up some 14 pounds tickers , so you are not looking at this like its 12 stone


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Hi hun,

I can totally sympathise with you, it must be so disappointing when you have stuck to the diet like glue, however have you measured your inches? As if you are in ketosis you are still burning fat, my cdc suggested to me that this would happen on week 3 or 4 and to be prepared as it will just be our bodies retaining water. Check your inches, keep at it and hopefully you will have a juicy loss mext week.

Good luck
Hi! You know, is it that time of month? I mean, could you be retaining water?

If so, give it 5 days and weigh again - I bet you'll be very pleasantly surprised!

Also, could your scale have been messed up or broken? Additionally, did you maybe use a different scale to normal or have more clothes on?

I was going to ask if you'd had anything salty, because that makes you retain water - but I just reread that you didn't have anything but shakes.

I promise you're up for another big loss soon! You'll see!

(As an aside - have you had your thyroid and adrenal glands checked via blood tests?)
This happens to lots of people, and as everyone's said, you'll almost certainly have a huuge loss next week!

This diet is fantastic for people with lots to lose, because at a stone per month, you end up on this diet a fair few months less than if you did WW or SW!

Chin up

Oh and: what kind of shakes are you having? Dairy make some people retain water and soy makes other people retain water. Really hun, this is ALL your problem could be.

Push your thumb into the bottom of your shin, right on the bone (about 5 inches up your shin from your ankle) for 3 seconds then lightly feel over the area. Does it feel like a "dent" or "hole" where your thumb was? If so, this is a SURE SIGN that you are retaining water. :)
My mum's losses went to 1lb ish (1 week 0!) after week 3. We eventually found out that it was eating the bars that did it, as soon as she stopped having them her losses went up again.

Are you having bars?

Anyway, 1lb off is 1lb off! Better than on! Keep going!
I understand you must feel really low, on so many diets I stuck to the plan and nothing happened.

Thankfully with CD it seems to be working for me and I have a lot to lose too.

I go to see my wonderful CDC once a month and mentally that works for me. We keep in contact with text in between but I know how deflated I get with low losses so for me monthly works.

Please stick with it, it may not seem enough to you but it is a great overall loss. Pehaps in a few weeks if things do not pick up you can think about it again but you have come so far now.


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What is the point, i can lose 1lb on a normal diet:(:cry::eek::mad::cry::(
sharon xx
Well, the point is, you wouldn't have lost 17lbs in 3 weeks on a 'normal' diet. And if you take a browse through the posts here on the forum (go back a few pages :)) you'll find that low losses in either week 3 or 4 are the norm. It's something to do with the body balancing itself out. Not quite sure about the science, but I can tell you it's quite normal, there's nothing wrong with you--in fact it's a healthy sign, your body's just trying to protect you from the weight fluctuations. It's confused you see, it can't figure out why you aren't using your fat cells so it's filled them up with water, just in case you need them later. When it realises you're serious, it'll let the water go.

Scales lie. In real terms, if you've stuck to the diet 100%, you'll have lost weight this week, I promise. It just isn't showing. It'll show next week. And remember, this diet can only do so much. Your weight loss will slow down to an average of 3 or 4 pounds a week--it isn't actually possible to lose much faster than that after the first weeks. Sure, you'll have weeks where you lose 5 pounds, but the next one you'll lose 2. That's how weight loss works--on any diet, not just this one.

Hang in there, keep the faith--and have big hug :hug99:


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Did you take your measurements before you started the diet? Just wondering because have been told before if you get a small loss, try doing your measurements! I feel for you as I had 12 stone to lose (have lost 4stone in 10 weeks, another 8 stone to go). I also had a 1lb loss in my 3rd or 4th week, whereas the rest of the time I have averaged 5-6lb average :)


now got pictures in album
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Sometimes we just have weeks where we dont lose any even though we do it 100% BUT you WILL lose this weight if you stick to it!! This is a FACTTTT!! putting 400 calories in a day, you are gonna lose it fast, I promise you xxx


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I echo everyone here, I also felt rubbish after my 3 weigh in, only 2 lbs off and I had been 100% faithful to it! Had a blip the following day but thankfully went back on sunday and this week's WI was minus 6 lbs! Am well chuffed I stuck with it, I promise you, you won't regret it, I am now on ss+ and am happy with it. I only have another 8 lbs to come off but never in my life have I lost so much in a mth! This diet def rocks!!

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