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4 days in am I just being silly?

Hi guys,
I started (again) last thurs. so this is my 4th full day on the program and i have been 100%. I have just gone in for a pop in session and i havent lost on ounce. I know that it hasnt been a week yet but i feel so disappointed already. I wasnt expecting miracles in 4 days but at least some movement. i have been drinking lots of water too. Any ideas anyone?
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Are you having anyhing you shouldn't which could stop you being in ketosis? Such as camomile tea, tonic water, chewing gum?
Don't get me started on coke zero! Your LLC should NOT be saying that coke zero is ok. It's not! It defeats the whole idea of LL so just scrub it off the list of things you are allowed. Yes, you could get away with it and lose weight but you're supposed to be staying away from everything that's linked to food, including fizzy drinks.
If your strips turn purple it means you're dehydrated, not necessarily in ketosis. The strip should turn light/dark pink. Any darker and it just means you're not drinking enough.
ONLY have what is on the list in your green book. Don't have any chewing gum, lemon in your drink, tonic water etc.
It takes some people longer to get into ketosis than others but if you stick to the diet as spelled out in your green book then the weight WILL come off :)


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S: 19st4lb C: 12st3lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 7st1lb(36.67%)
I agree with roundrachel - you shouldn't have coke zero. My understanding is that it contains citric acid which takes you out of ketosis. The green book specifies what you can have and if you stick to that you'll be fine.

I only lost 1lb in my second week because I was having camomile tea without understanding its affect. :eek:
I really don't know why some LLCs are sabbotaging their clients by saying they can have coke zero!
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Oooh, you and me both Rachel!!

I am sympathetic in that I was addicted to diet coke Skinny, but its well naughty of your LLC to say to drink it. She obviously needs to up her nutritional knowledge as well as her CBT which she may be very good at - but diet cokes - ANY diet soda - PROMOTES weight gain. It makes you fat. It increases cravings. It dehydrates you. Its bad for your bones. Its pure poison and this is the perfect time for you to get away from it!!

I drank a 6 pack a day before LL, and I have not had one tiny sip of one since 8-1-2008 - so it can be done. :)

Great advise on here, I can;t add any more to it, but just want to chime in saying Diet Zero will only make the diet harder for you. So if you can pack it up, you should :)

Good luck - stick to it - best diet goin. :)

Lost six pounds thanks guys. I def agree that coke zero doesn't follow the abstinence rules but I disagree with the ketosis part. I did Atkins for a while and citric acid was never and issue. I believe that LL ketosis however is due to a lack of calories rather than a lack of carbs. Either way I'll pack it in! If it makes me crave then it's a no no!


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S: 19st4lb C: 12st3lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 7st1lb(36.67%)
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I know it's a no anyway but there is no citric acid in coke zero or doctor pepper zero which is why i think some people drink it.
it's not because of citric acid that you're not supposed to drink it. It's because it's a fizzy sweet drink (albeit sugar free). These are addicitive and part of what makes us fat in the first place so taking a break from them while on LL is the way forward to keeping the weight off!


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Hey guys. Just chipping in to say I've been drinking Coke/Dr Pepper Zero while on exante and it hasn't affected my ketosis readings or losses.

I'm not saying have it by any means but the lack of citric acid means it's ketosis safe for most people. It wasn't fizzy drinks that made me fat that's for sure. Well, maybe the boozy ones....
Whether it takes you out of ketosis isn't the point! Diet drinks are something people on diets get hooked on and they're no good for your health and make you more hungry. So cutting them out when you're doing a VLCD means you're less likely to starting drinking them again and the likelihood of the weight staying off is much higher. And that's the whole point of doing a diet isn't it?
Drinking drinks always makes me crave something else so I'll defo steer clear while on LL total!

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