4 stone to lose.. who's with me? :)

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by amylouisewalker, 29 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. This is my second attempt at the diet.. 2 days in and already feeling great!

    I have 4 stone to lose.. 3 initially and then another one possibly!

    I'm living for the bars at the moment.. and love the porridge!

    Anyone fancy a weigh-in pal? I weigh in sundays.. First one this weekend coming. I can't wait!

    Let's do this girls :D xxx
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  3. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Hi Amy, I am happy to pal up with you this is also my second time I lost 7 stone last year on a mixture of SW first then CD I have put on 23 lb and joined again on 2nd and am currently on day 28 I have my fourth weigh in tomorrow so hoping to be in the 11's!

    I love the bars and the mousses I don't think I could do this just on soups and shakes need a bit of niceness! And being able to have a choice!

    I have reset my goal weight a stone lower than last time and want to get to 11 stone or a little lower! You can do this again I found it harder the first week the second time but after that settled straight back into it!

    I am on my I pad so can't see your stats but from your post can see you want to loss around three or four stone! You can do this Hun and by being on here and posting I have found this really motivating! I have also done a diary this time which I have found really helps!

    Good luck Hun x x
  4. Afternoon ladies.
    I find it so helpful reading other people's stories and having a buddy to help each other along!

    this is my countless attempt at the diet. Previously lost over 2 stone and finding it creeping back on.

    feeling extremely depressed as I just love food but I am so determined to do it this time as the thought of getting in a bikini for my hols at this size in April makes me want to cry!

    Would love someone to chat with and swap stories.

    Im also on day three today and couldn't help but weigh this morning. Landed to see I've lost 5lbs already.

    how is everyone else getting on?

  5. donnamarie

    donnamarie Silver Member

    Hi kate.
    I'm on day 3 today too and hoping to lose 4 stone.
    I've done cd before.. last april to july I did 11 weeks and lost 42lbs/3st.
    For our Disneyland holiday.
    But am ashamed to say I regained nearly all of it as last time I just stopped.
    This time im going to do the steps and keep it off! :)
    I love the porridges... maple is my fave :)
    Loved the bars last time too but not having them till after my first weigh in next Wednesday 6th feb.. which will be day 10 so hopinhg for a big loss then :)
  6. Hi Donna

    its so easy to put weight on, yet so hard to get rid of the disgusting stuff lol.

    your the same height as me then, apparently to be a healthy BMi 9.8stone is what we should be.

    that sounds a long way off, I would be happy losing three stone and that's my target by April hopefully.

    i like the porridge, apple and cin is my fav. I find this easier to stomach than the shakes, they make me feel sick and taste really powdery... Blerrrghhhh.

    i LOVE the bars, I enjoy them all but don't find they fill me up as much as the tetra or porridge.

    what do you have on a day to day and what's the nicest you've tried?

    I got the confidence in us all girlies!!!

    power to us all and all you people with amazing metablisisms can do one (never jealous)

    what is everyone's goals?

    Mwah x
  7. Thanks :)
    Day 3 done.. Further than last time!
    Now just can't wait to weigh in xxx
  8. donnamarie

    donnamarie Silver Member

    Yay!! Well done amy :)
    And good luck for your weigh in.. let us know how it goes. X
  9. donnamarie

    donnamarie Silver Member

    9st 8! Lol
    Cant see me ever getting there.
    In the 11's is my goal for now.
    I blend my shakes with 300ml of chilled water and 4-5 ice cubes.. really thick and refreshing.
    I love the choc mint.
    But today im sticking with the porridges.
    Looking forward to trying the new lemon bars people are on about.
    Have you tried it?
    I liked them all last time.
    What about you? Which bars do you like?
  10. LMS

    LMS Full Member

    The lemon bars are like heaven :). So yummy but not too heavy. Very nice with a cup of tea mmmmm!!

    <a href="http://www.TickerFactory.com/weight-loss/wiWrE6b/"> <img border="0" src="http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/t/wiWrE6b/weight.png"></a>
  11. donnamarie

    donnamarie Silver Member

    Yum! Looking forward to trying them :)
  12. Well done Amy. We can do it lol!!

    I'm due a delivery this morning of loads of bars I've ordered a few lemon ones but haven't tried them yet. I'll let you know how I get off.

    Peanut bars are my fav at the moment. Taste like snickers bar but without the caramel lol yummmm.

    couldnt help but weigh again this morning... Lost another 2lbs. I find weighing every morning helps me get through the day as I know I am losing weight.

    how was everyone's evening last night?
  13. Lemon bars are amazing!!!
  14. cranberry

    cranberry Member

    girls I am here on attempt 2 with cd lost 5 stone 5 years ago but it all went back on again so here I am but just 14 days in now lost my first stone am only weighing in every second week
    would love to share with ye :thumbup:
  15. Congrats lovely!! Well done. Keep at it and you'll be waving bye bye to the rest of it,
    how was everybody's evening? Gotta say I love these lemon bars. Will defo have to get some more!!
  16. cranberry

    cranberry Member

    Well girls

    Am going to have to try them lemon bars they were not around last time are they chewy..? Really can't eat that orange/toffee anymore. Find they make me nauseated.
    Am sticking with the shakes/ porridge/soups. It seems to be working well one stone gone
    Into week 3 now will b weighing in saturday... Can't wait
    Was away at weekend with singing group and stuck to tetras.
    Here's hoping for good losses this week
  17. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Lemon bars are almost flapjack like in my opinion. Yummy
  18. This_time_girlie

    This_time_girlie Full Member

    Hi Guys

    Please can i join you? Ive lost six and a half stone so far and i have another four - four and half to go, really could do with some buddies during this last stretch! I start back tomorrow, got my shakes ready, gonna have one before bed so i feel like ive already started when i get up tom!!! Would be great to have some support during those days were you really want to eat, my loved ones are amazeballs but it always helps to have someone in the same boat doesnt it! I only eat the lactose free choc shakes and they are thrown down my neck without stopping as i hate hate hate milkshakes, the choc one is the only one i can tolerate. looks like your all doing great so far xxx
  19. LMS

    LMS Full Member

    Well done on your losses up until now. YOU CAN DO IT. I have 2 and a half stone to go. Hoping for a good loss tomorrow night :). Have you tried any other shakes recently? A lot of us have found our taste buds changed over time.

    <a href="http://www.TickerFactory.com/weight-loss/wiWrE6b/"> <img border="0" src="http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/t/wiWrE6b/weight.png"></a>
  20. This_time_girlie

    This_time_girlie Full Member

    Ah thanks, good luck for your weight in tom, am sure youll do fab. Think im gonna weigh in on sunday mornings. Hate the first few days back on but fingers crossed i can get back on! ive done it before so i know once im in swing of it i can do it, i just find the first few days really hard! Ive tried the porridge, not even bothered with the soups or other shakes this time (tried them last year) they also have to be lactose free for me, so i know i can tolerate the choc ones so tend to just stick to them! i didnt like the porridge either! do you eat anything along with the shakes or are you totally sole sourcing? x
  21. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Well done Hun! You can do this not long now and you will start to feel much better!

    Hi to the other ladies who have commented and good luck on your weight loss journey! I love this forum it is so supportive! Take care x

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